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Top 10 Free Dancing Apps for Android 2018

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Dance is not just a series of steps, it’s a way moving that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication. Through dance, you can learn teamwork, focus and improvisational skills. However, it isn’t an easy task to learn dancing without having proper assistance or coaching, one has to perform each and every move very precisely. Now, technology is evolved enough to train you to become a dancing pro. There are tons of free dancing apps ready to teach you every move and fun is that, they don’t charge money as tuition fee.

It means you can become proficient dancer without spending a buck. Though, there are very few apps that can teach you how to dance deliberately with nuances.

Even if you’re skilled enough in one form of dancing, you might want to try some other alluring style of dancing. Well, these apps can help you out in learning every renowned dancing forms, whether national or international or blend of two or more forms. These apps offer you to become your own master and learn dancing at your own place.

And most importantly, there is no time boundation, you can learn anytime you want. All you need is to download these spectacular apps on your android devices and kick off with your feet. For your convenience, we have picked 10 best dancing apps, so that you don’t have jump in a pool of dancing apps.

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10 Best Dancing Apps

So, these are some best dancing apps that we have picked very precisely for you. We hope this list would help you to find right dancing app. Here’s the list.

1. Belly Dance Lesson

As it’s clear from the name, the app is built for belly dance lovers. And if you’re a Badees or Shakira fan you’re gonna love this app. Once you complete dancing lesson of belly dance, you can start and become master in belly style of dancing. App features video of some skilled dancer, you can watch them and follow the lead. Though, it gives you a special assistance for each steps. The application has an incredibly easy interface which lets you navigate every feature. Lastly, this app is completely free to download and use.

Download Belly Dance.

2. Hip Hop Dance

One of the finest way to learn hip hop dancing style without spending a hefty money on tuition classes. If you have ever to learn freestyle or an expert hip hop dancer, then this is something very special for you. You can do Dougie, Jerk, Cat Daddy and many more to impress people. The app can give you the confidence to be first on the dance floor. Meanwhile, you would get instructions from renowned hip hop dancer and can save money by learning at your home. And there are certain videos to help you out in difficult moves.

Download Hip Hop.

3. Pole Motion

Another dancing app for learning pole dance from introductory to advance level. However, pole dancing isn’t a child’s play but definitely a beautiful dance form to watch. Here, you’ll get a complete video tutorials, step by step photos for each move, amazing graphics and many more things. If you’re a pole dance lover then try this stunning app, it’s suitable for complete beginners to advance level polers. There are 3 lessons, 4 routines, 3 tone up sessions to warm up and stretch your muscles before dancing.

Download Pole Motion.

4. Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance

Crazy Flamenco is a popular dancing app for learning flamenco dancing form. With Flamenco, you can take a photo with the phone’s camera, place your face inside the silhouette and dance as if you where on a flamenco stage. You can enjoy the hilarious music and guitar sound. For fun, you can buy costume shop and dress yourself as a flamenco boy.

Download Crazy Flamenco.

5. Salsa Rhythm

An interactive app, where you can practice your salsa dance at various tempo. It gives you plenty of instruments which you can combine and choose their patterns of your choice. Instruments are claves piano, congas, bongas and many more instruments along with artificial instructor. Additionally, there are 20 different piano patterns, 20 base patterns, 29 percussion patterns to give you complete salsa dancing environment. Meanwhile, you can customise key, instructor voice, language for clear understanding.

Download Salsa Rhythm.

6. Pocket Salsa

Another application for salsa lovers, here, you’ll get salsa video lesson from pro salsa dancers. In starting, it will give you some basics of salsa lessons, so that you can check your salsa dance rhythm with different salsa instruments like latin clave  and more. The app features video lessons in episodes, so that you can learn slowly and steady. Though, for more advance learning environment you can join official website of Pocket Salsa.

Download Pocket Salsa.

7. Zumba Dance

Basically, a combo of both Zumba dance and exercise. With this amazing application, you’ll get a perfect dancing atmosphere and also helps you to loose weight and burn calories. It gives you a lot tracks to dance. Though, there are video tutorials to guide you through various dancing and exercise moves.

Download Zumba Dance.

8. Facejjang

If you know that dancing isn’t your cup of tea, just want to enjoy, this one is for you. You can adjust your face in different pre-made dancing vdeos and save that video or share with your friends to make them laugh. Meanwhile, there are loads of effects and stickers to multiply your fun.

Download Facejjang.

9. Dance Video Maker

It’s created for those who like to have fun. Just download the application and bring smile on your face by using photos of your friends or family. Like Facejjang, you need to place the face in silhouette. And you can even change background. The application is completely free to download and use.

Download Video Maker.

10. Funny Dance

Funny Dance, the application gives you variety of characters to choose and dance in a funny way. Once again in this app, you’ll have to select a photo or put your face in silhouette. Once you’re done with this procedure you can dance freely for fun and customise your background too.

Download Funny Dance.

Top Dancing Apps for Android

Take a quick look at best dancing apps. Just install and use these amazing dancing apps for free on your Android device.

  1. Belly Dance Lesson
  2. Hip Hop Dance
  3. Pole Motion
  4. Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance
  5. Salsa Rhythm
  6. Pocket Salsa
  7. Zumba Dance
  8. Facejjang
  9. Dance Video Maker
  10. Funny Dance

So, these were the 10 best dancing apps available in your playstore. Now, choose any of these apps according to your need. If you have any other name in your mind, please leave a comment below.

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