Top 10 FM Transmitter apps for Androids 2018-19

Everyone can probably assume that the word “FM transmitter” is somehow related to FM Radios and indirectly to music. Well, music is a part of life to everyone, I guess. It is relieving, soothing, enlighting. Music let’s the stress vaporize like in few second. Just turn on the music and be lost with the harmony music provides. Anyways, jumping back to our topic, yes!! FM Transmitter is related to FM radios and even, it actually is a way we can use FM Radio in todays generation i.e., FM Transmitter were actually made to simplify and modify the working of FM Radio.

With all these technologies and the most used one “smartphones”, we actually have lost those old days with televisions, wrist watch, calculators, calenders, outdoor games etc. Well, this is not bad, I mean Smartphones were actually invented to save human’s time and neither am I saying, you should just keep your phone aside and bring all those old technologies. We cannot do that. Smartphones are now something very essential in one’s life.

The question which comes next is, then why should we use these FM Transmitter and FM Radios? Well! The simple or I say the simplest answer is because people still enjoy listening to FM radios and why do they still enjoy? You know, any other music player only and only provides you music but FM radios, they not only provide you music but also news, sometimes funny jokes and the best part of FM Radios is RJs. RJs are not just people who talk, they talk and their talking actually relieve tension, makes you feel good, makes you feel better and with all those games and quizes they provides, it so not justifies us to even compare radios with any other music player.

Not only this, but FM radio also provide you variety of song, like 70s hit, 90s hit and many other categories, plus, more than 40,000 stations from all over the world. Unfortunately, with any other music player, you’ll bound with only songs you downloaded.

Now, what exactly is this FM Transmitter and how does it works?

FM stands for “frequency Modulator” (frequency modulating transmitter). It is a device which allows you to play any audio track from any portable sources on your FM radio device. It is a device which is specialized to convert certain audio point into audio signal.Each of these transmitter cover a certain area probably ranging from 9 metres to 23 metres.

We are not done yet with the features of FM transmitter, i.e., it allows you to play music from your phone, while the audio output will be of car stereo’s loudspeaker or any kind of loudspeaker such that you can enjoy your music taste with a louder and exciting sound. Mind my words, if you have a FM Transmitter in your mobile phones, you have your car’s control. Juat like a remote having control on the TELEVISION. As simple as that. 

But still the question, which FM Transmitter to use? Not to worry, there might be many FM Transmitter, but we have bought you 10 best FM Transmitter app for your android device.

10 best FM Transmitter app

  • TuneLink Auto
  • WireLessaudio MultiRoom
  • All connects-play and stream
  • Car music player
  • App remote
  • Castbox-Podcast Radio music
  • Simple radio
  • FM player
  • My Tuner FM RADIO

 1• TuneLink Auto

TuneLink Auto has a tag line ” Plug it, Pair it, Play it, Share it- your own music anytime anywhere”. Let me illustrate these 3Ps and 1S to you:

Plug it: You can plug it into your car’s 12V power supply.

Pair it: Enable your blutooth and pair to your “tubeLink” unit.

Play it: Use the FM Transmitter to play your favourite songs through your car speaker.

Share it: you, by all means can share your songs to anyone you wish to.

TuneLink Auto stands 1st in this list because of it’s high advanced processing. This app can connect your android device to your in-car audio via bluetooth. It can either be connected to FM or can be connected to car’s auxiliary input.

Intrinsically, TubeLink Auto is a device that can convert any kind of stereo into a bluetooth stereo. You can then connect your androids as well as IOS phone to it through bluetooth to play unlimited music with your song list and your car’s speaker. This way you can enjoy your favourite music with higher volume of the car’s stereo.

Visit TuneLink Auto now.

2• WirelessAudio Multiroom

The name depicts everything “Wireless Audio” i.e., you can listen to anykind of music without the need of jack, or pins. Just you, your android device, this app, an FM Transmitter, your music taste and done!!

This Samsung ‘Wireless audio- multiroom app’ enable every listener to enjoy lag-free music in any room of the house whether your drawing room or sitting room, from any kind of source they wish because your music system will be now in control of this aap and this will be in yours. You can stream every kind of music you wish, that too from anywhere.

This app is very easy to handle just find the music you want and play it. Plus, it is very easy to control. Also, this app is best for transferring audio signals.

Visit Wireless Audio Multiroom now

3• All connect- play and stream

Do you want a fast music streaming app, well All connect is somwething you are looking for. This app instantly stream you favourite music in your Smart tv or your smart phones or chromecast, apple tv and many more.

It is the best user-friendly app i.e., you won’t have to panic much dealing with this app and will never find any kind of problem with app. Simply designed, this app provides ease to users while playing their music.

Not only this, All connect is stuffed with many features. Have a look on them as well:

  • All connect provides you a single room for your media, such that you don’t have to panic while finding them.-
  • It can stream for all devices like- chrome cast, DLNA DEVICE, Airplay speakers, sony, Panasonic and much more, Xiomi box and much more.
  • Not only this, all connect supports casting of most youtube videos though, youtube live is not supported by this app.

This app is a must try, if you want a smooth going app. Visit All Connect visit

4• Car Music Player

Car music player is an app designed to avoid the risk of car accidents which people generally face because of their carelessness i.e., not giving attention to the road while driving and instead of finding music for fun in their stereo. With the help of car music player, you can avoid these accidents as this app is much easier to handle the car’s stereo with respect to finding songs or playing them.

Not only this, Car Music Player is stuffed with many more features:

  • It provides shuffle mode and also tracks re-loop functions.
  • You can play selected tracks easily.
  • This app provides a complete list of your SD.
  •  Easy Fast forward and rewind. Plus, it prevents the screen from going to standby mode.

This app automatically removes tracks with less than 30-second limits. So that you don’t have to bother yourself for removing it. This app can also be used with headphones and even with any kind of wireless tool.

Visit Car Music Player now

5• App Remote 

App remote is another amazing app for people who love listening to music while driving. This app is fully synchronized with functions with car audio device controlling your music from your own android device.

This app safely connects Sony Car Audio and your mobile phones with a two-day source control. It’s the latest version even ensures more safety by introducing voice recognization, expanded text-read-out functions.

Not only this, App remote also provides

  • Voice communication through its voice operation feature.
  • Notification read out, which means your incoming mails via twitter, facebook and etc are automatically read aloud to keep you in touch socially.
  • Smartphone Visualization: This feature enhances your music with car audio even more
  • ICustomt also customizes sound settings.

App remote, unlike other apps, not only manages your music system or stereo but also your phone such as showing your messages from any kind of source. Hence, app remote is a must try.

Visit App Remote now

6• PodCast Radio Music-Castbox

Okay! We cannot conclude Podcast only as FM TRANSFER app. It is a complete package of features for music freaks. This app is so much more than just an FM transfer i.e., it is also music streaming, iTunes Podcast for androids and much more.  While the app lets you play your Android device music on your car stereo it also has a huge collection of modern music such as pops, electrode, rocks, jazz and many more varieties.

This app is one of the easiest handling apps for any user. CastBox also offers you a clean and easy layout to navigate. You can download your favorite podcast anywhere, anytime for free as it offers a wide range of podcast to choose from.

Visit Podcast Radio Music-CAstbox

7 Simple Radio

Simple Radio illustrates its name very well, as it is the simplest way to listen to your favorite FM STATION, that too from around the world. It has a very clear interface and also provides buffering-free streaming of your channels.

With over 40, 000 stations, the users can listen to any song they love to or you can also discover new varieties of songs from within the entire world. Why does simple radio stand in this list? The simple answer to this is that it combines the modern online radio with simplicity. I mean who offers you online FMs with simplicity? So grab your chances and download Simple radio.

Visit Simple Radio now

8• FM player

FM Player, unfortunately, is only for Motorola devices. So if you have any other devices, which probably you’ll have, please scroll down because this might not be the app for you.

Now switching back to FM Player, this app works for all MOTOROLA devices and Motorola users are pretty lucky for having this app because this app doesn’t weigh a lot i.e., you don’t have to clear caches every time you are out of space and defiance of it’s less weight, this app does not disappoints its users when it comes to feature as FM player provides an efficient and fast interface to consume one’s time. Now, talking about specialties, well! This app does not require the internet connection. Yes! You hear me right, just download it and have free “FM days”.

So, if you are off with Internet connections and want to have some fun or want to listen to great music from around the world, this app is the one you want.

Visit FM Radio now

9• Radio.Net

This app not only provides local stations but also provide access to worldwide radio stations. Another app with a simple interface but an attractive look it is best for road trips as it facilitates you with simple processing.

This app concludes extra features, that is, it allows you to put a bookmark on your favorite channels. Also, you can search for similar ones and find out almost every information of that particular song through this app.’s functionalities are vast. You can either search for the music or the podcast by looking through your favorite genre collections let it alone be romance, sad, parties, beats etc or by checking out the recommended channels.

Visit now

10• My Tuner FM radio

This app is not country specific i.e., a worldwide app. The best part of this app is its search engine, you can search by any name, any genres and any location and they will pop-up with hundred of songs. And whoa! Oh! Did I mention that this app provides station from over 150 countries. This is definitely something big.

So, whether you are in Australia or London or India or any country, you still will be able to listen your best AMN FM or online radio stations of your country or any other you wish to.

Visit My Tuner FM Radio now.

So, these were some of the best FM Transmitter apps to make your day or your trip awesome. We mentioned almost every feature one wishes for. So go grab some of these apps to make your music sounds even more fantastic with ultra decibels.

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