10 Best TeamViewer Alternatives for Windows, Mac & Android

Do you want the list of best TeamViewer alternatives? Well, we have listed the best ones in this article, but before that, let me talk about the famous TeamViewer software and the need for its alternative.

So, TeamViewer, in the world of technology and business, is a very competent software. It is not only a package for desktop sharing, online meeting, web conferencing, file transferring but also a remote control. Or I should say “Remote control” is the main feature of Teamviewer software.

“Remote control”? Yes! It is a remote control software. TeamViewer can connect to any personal computer or servers, in a way that you can remote control your partner’s PC, as if, you are sitting right next to them.

Is this not what we all want? Someone to help us out, through the system, that too, from any location.

Also, TeamViewer is available for Microsoft windows, Mac OS X, Linus, Chrome, Android, Blackberry, etc.

Now, the question comes, if TeamViewer software is so full of features, why do people need its alternatives?

Honestly, the main reason behind is, privacy. TeamViewer, does not garauntee you for your privacy. This reason expanded when, TeamViewer got hacked and furthermore, they stated “that the fault lies with the users”

Well, its wise enough to keep its alternatives. Now, isn’t it.

Be right here, We’ll be guiding you through these “10 Alternatives of Teamviewer”

TeamViewer Alternatives

  1. Remote desktop connection
  2. Join.Me
  3. Splashtop
  4. Real VNC
  5. LogMe.In
  6. Ultra VNC
  7. Chrome remote desktop
  8. WebEx
  9. AMMYY Admin
  10. Mikogo

So these are some of the best remote desktop software applications that can be used as free TeamViewer alternatives.

Top 10 TeamViewer Alternatives

Let’s dig more into it.

1. Remote Desktop connection – Best TeamViewer Alternative

Remote control desktop or RDP is a free feature built into MS windows operating system, that gives you fast and complete access to control other’s pc or server.

Multiple PC control at a time is something that this tool is capable of.

What makes Remote Desktop Connection different from TeamViewer is “The operating”, it is easy to use that fits perfect to the beginners and amateurs.

2. Join.me – Online Remote Meeting Software

Join.Me is a premium online conferencing and meeting system which allows multiple of people, across the countries to connect with each other through online conferencing at the same time.

It also offers you recording on a click, meeting schedules, and numbers in 40 different countries to provide worldwide conferencing.

Join.Me is not completely free but its worth the amount with these amazing features.

3. Splashtop – TeamViewer Alternative for Android, Mac, iOS

Splashtop, also offers a free as well as paid remote deaktop solutio  for everyone. You can use the the tool for free if you are using the tool for peraonal computers.

What makes Splashtop different from others is it’s spectacular performance in setting up the tool on Windows and Mac and providing access to remotely control andriods or iOS based mobile phones.

The best part about Splash is it gives minimum latency on video and audio streaming.

4. Real VNC

Real VNC, is another software with both free and paid version of the remote desktop client. VNC technology, unlike join.me is a bit complicated and complex but also, unlike TeamViewer, it provides a secure and reliable connection.

It is featured with cross-platform remote contol, VNC authentication, encrytion, file transferring, chats etc.

The cross-platform helps you to connect individually to a remote computer or pc or any server. “Charges applied”





5. LogMe.In – Remote Desktop Software Alternative

LogMe.In is another best alternate to TeamViewer in many ways. It not only provides you features like file transferring, audio and video streaming, full remote control, print document to local printer but also, LogMe.In offers features that are non-existent in many other remote desktop applications.

Defiance of it’s “Not free” software, LogMe.In still stands as one of most popular TeamViewer alternative because of it’s splendid performance.

6. Ultra VNC

Another tool based on Virtual Network Computing technology is Ultra VNC. It is a free tool and easy to handle or I say, way easy to handle. You can work on any remote system once the connection is established, that too, free.

Other than “remote control” it also offers file transferring. Isn’t this too much for free?

So, if you want an easy access and free software, Ultra VNC is something for you.

7. Chrome remote desktop

Another Free TeamViewer alternative is chrome remote desktop. What brings Chrome remote desktop to this list is it’s “no need to install me, I’m already there”.

Yes! Chrome remote desktop is a free tool, available as an extension for Google Chrome browser.

Google chrome based, remote desktop, access to files and folders. Plus, it’s fully secured.

8. Webex browser – Remote Desktop Software

Web Ex is Cisco’s production and it is not just a meeting conductor. This free as well as premium tool also let’s the user, a remotely connect with people based on any kind of system. The one, heading the meeting can share his desktop and choose to pass the control of mouse and keyboard as well.

It features video conferencing, markup tool, recording meeting, free mobile app, scheduled meetings, password protected message etc.

9. AMMYY admin – Fast Remote Desktop Connection Software

What makes AMMYY Admin join the list is it’s tiny application, which is mere 1 MB. Can you imagine just 1MB, and despite of it’s it offers you file transferring, live chats, Remote control to any other system. Plus, it’s free. Too much for free!?

It is also featured with easy to setup, system administration, remote office and presentation, built-in voice and text chats.

10. Mikogo

Mikogo is a bit heavy priced from other remote control tools. Bit it fits best for business with cimmercial purposes.

It’s features include fully browser based i.e.,  no downloads or plugins, share documents, swap presenter, remote control, free mobile app, video conferences, multiuser white board, file transfer, chats and more.

These were the most popular top 10 TeamViewer alternatives and definitely, you can agree to them with all the information we provided you. No more will you have stuck with Teamviewer software because now, you have this list to try out.


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