Top 10 Survival Games for Android 2018 List

The surreal thrill of survival games keeps players on their toes at all times. Finding out solutions to problems becomes a usual thing whilst playing this game be it while stuck amidst the huge waves of the ocean or be it in the depths of a rainforest. This list will be your bible to playing thrilling survival games for android device! Bored with your daily mundane life? Download these games right away!

Top 10 Survival Games for Android 2018

Let’s head straight to the list of our top 10 survival games to play on android 2018.

1. Minecraft: Pocket edition

Minecraft is probably one of the most retro games on this list. In the survival mode of this game, player has to acquire resources to build world and maintain health. You acquire various resources like axes to chop down trees or even defend self from enemies. You earn brownie points by killing mobs, mining or even cooking your own food.

Here is what we love about Minecraft:

  • Cross platform play for upto 8 devices. So even if your friend has an iOS device, all of you can join in the fun.
  • It has massive online multiplayer servers! So you can go online, make friends and collaborate to play this game!

Download this game HERE

2. Survival island: Evolve, Survivor, building home

Imagine waking up and not realizing where you are but despite all the odds you have to survive! And to survive you will have to do as much as you can. It isn’t an easy job, you will have to look all around you to gather resources, craft tools out of it and build your shelter.

Here is what we love about Survival island:

  • The storyline, gameplay and graphics are very realistic.
  • Even though online multiplayer isn’t available, the game is very enticing to be played alone!

Download this game HERE

3. Day R survival: Apocalypse, Lone Survivor and RPG

At some point in our lives, all of us may have thought about what would happen after life on Earth perishes and harmful radiations kills all living beings. Imagine you survived the post-apocalyptic world and you discover that disease is all around you. Surviving here isn’t easy, you have to face the walking dead and thrive amidst the hunger games. Craft all your resources (i.e weapons and transport) and play this very realistic survival strategy game.

Here is what we love about Day R Survival:

  • It has a multiplayer survival strategy game. Go online and discover friends to play with.
  • Over 2,500 cities inhabited by unknown dangerous creatures making it more realistic.

Download from HERE.

4. Crashlands

Imagine you are a galactic trucker whose shipment is derailed on an alien planet. Now you have no other option but to retrieve your packages and learn the ways of life on this alien planet. As you build a home away from home, you will come across deadly situations, use your wits to get out the sticky mess.

Here is what we love about Crashlands:

  • They have support for most mobile-comparable controllers. Yes, this is for real, which is why Crashlands gets extra brownie points from us.
  • You can now easily save on your cloud and also retrieve from it.
  • The crafting system is massive.

Download from HERE

5. Don’t Starve: Pocket edition

You are Wilson, a scientist who has been transported into a world of wilderness where all kinds of danger prevails in the air. Your job is to find your way back home but till the time you don’t find the solution, you have to exploit the surrounding resources and survive. DON’T STARVE and fight all the odds.

Here is what we love about Don’t starve:

  • Don’t starve can be played even on PC’s apart from android devices.
  • Native creatures are very diverse and has a very clever art style.
  • Functioning of the game is very smooth.

Download from HERE

6. Shadows of Kurgansk

Your goal here is to stay alive, find your way out, fight monsters and zombies. Build asylums and storages by hunting and gathering resources all around you. Danger can strike at any time so be alert of everything around you.

Here is why we love shadows of Kurgansk:

  • It is absolutely FREE. Most cleverly designed games require you to invest some amount of money in them but shadows of Kurgansk gives you the same fun for free.
  • The missions are story driven which makes it even more enticing!
  • You get to CREATE weapons and tools. How cool is that?

Download from HERE 

7. Last Day on Earth

Survival of the fittest is what describes this video game. Here players have to survive in a land of zombies. Buckle up your seat belts and get ready to gather all that you can, build and even steal.

Some cool features:

  • It is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game
  • You can communicate with other players and join their clans in this RPG strategy game. Raids will be so much cooler with online friends.

Download game from HERE.

8. Jurassic Survival Island

This is something very different from the rest of the games on this list. As cataclysm has ended the world, you are stuck in a land of dinosaurs. These carnivores are a threat to your life but they can be tamed and that is your hope. The fauna is aggressive and everything around you is tough. Do you think you have it in you to survive the odds?

Here is what we love about Jurassic survival island:

  • The graphics of the game are very realistic.

Download from HERE.

9. The Walking Dead

In a world of the undead you have to fight to protect an orphaned girl called Clementine. Every action and every decision you take will affect what happens next so be very careful of the paths you tread.

Here is what we love about the walking dead :

  • There isn’t one single storyline, storyline varies with the choices made by the player.
  •  It is a five part game series which means that the fun never ends. As you progress you will find yourself more immersed in the game.
  • Characters have ability to interact which makes the game less monotonous

Download game from HERE

10. Out There: Omega Edition

Space is a very hostile place and the imagination of being stuck in an unknown galaxy is more than just terrifying. Gather whatever you can and spot garden planets to refill your oxygen. Each step of your adventure will be very dark and mysterious.

Here is what we love about Out there:

  • It is a cherry on the cake for sic-fi geeks who also love survival games.
  • It has a pulp comics graphics
  • There will be no combat, its you vs the deep and dark space.
  • You can meet aliens and learn their language.

Download game from HERE 

Summing up here are our top 10 survival games to play on android 2018:

  1. Minecraft: Pocket edition
  2. Survival island: Evolve, Survivor, building home
  3. Day R survival: apocalypse, lone survivor and RPG
  4. Crashlands
  5. Don’t starve
  6. Shadows of Kurgansk
  7. Last day on Earth
  8. Jurassic survival island
  9. The walking dead
  10. Out there

Have fun playing these super thrilling survival games and let us know what you think about them. Also if you feel there is something missing from this, feel free to comment down below!

Happy gaming!

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