Top 10 Sites like Mp3Boo to Download Free Music

MP3Boo was the best music player and downloader for a long time.

The main Key Features Mp3 offered was:

  • You can browse music of any kind whether an album or a single song.
  • You can download and listen to songs for Free.

Mp3Boo was stuffed with millions of songs of every genre, let it alone be romantic songs, Bollywood songs, 70s songs, 90s songs, party songs. It had all the varieties of songs one could ever have.

But, unfortunately, mp3boo is no more. The site is down, since a long time. But not to worry, like always, we are here with some the best alternatives of mp3boo. You can use alternatives to download Free music.

Note: We do not encourage piracy, all our posts are mainly intended to provide the best information to our readers. Many of the sites listed below provide Free music downloads. We, however, are not liable for it

10 MP3 Download Sites Like mp3Boo

Here are 10 sites that are like Mp3Boo:

  • LoudTronix
  • Mp3Juices
  • Mp3INT
  • eMusic
  • InstaMp3
  • SoundCloud
  • Plixid
  • Mp3Jam
  • 7 digital
  • Leak4ever

Top 10 Mp3Boo Alternatives to Download Free Music

1• “Loud tronix”

Loudtronix, just like mp3boo provide you every kind of music you did like to listen. Not only this, LoudTronix’s site is very easy to hand. You just have to search for the song, no advertisements, no difficulties, just you and your song.

Plus, Loudtronix not only offers you to download the song, it also has the option like play music and watch videos as well. Now, have you ever seen such sites?

Moving next in our list of best alternatives of mp3boo.

2• “Mp3Juices”

“Mp3Juices” is another music downloading site like Mp3Boo, in my opinion. This site offers you million of songs without any problem. You just have to visit the site, search the song. Not only will they pop-up with the searched song but also will show you the recommended songs for the searches.

Mp3juices is yet to be over with its features, which is, when you search a song in the search box, your search box helps you in finding the song you wish to listen, by showing suggestions.

Mp3juices, just like LoudTronix have both the options, i.e., play now and download.

Isn’t this we all want.

3• “Mp3INT”

Okay! The main reason why Mp3INT stands in this list is its simplicity. Mp3INT is the most simple site you’ll ever visit. The site contains a pickup line “we are back”, their logo, social media connections, search engine and that’s it. No home page, no “why Mp3INT”, no sign-up, no advertisements. Just have your song and leave.

Well, if you were yet unknown to this site. We have revealed it, now. Visit the site once and you’ll know what simplicity I’m talking about.

4• “eMusic”

“eMusic” in this world of Mp3 downloader is a very attractive site. In the first place, I’ll choose to go through the site because of its inviting page and then will go with its feature. But the fact is, not the only the site is inviting but the features as well, you can search any kind of music all around the world with best-recommended videos.

The very 1st thing you’ll see on the site is the sign-up option. But the sign up, in my opinion, is worth doing.

5• “InstaMp3” – Best Site to Download Music

Just like Mp3INT, InstaMp3 is also a simple site. No advertisement, no signup. Just search your song, download it and leave. Well, there is still a feature which makes InstaMp3 different i.e., you can see the recently searched song on the site itself.

Want easy and fast downloading? InstaMp3 might be the one.

6• “SoundCloud”

SoundCloud is world’s largest music and audio platform, SoundCloud lets people discover and enjoy the greatest selection of music from the most diverse creator community on earth.

Since launching in 2008, Soundcloud is well known for its platform which provides unique content and features, including the ability to share music and connect directly with artists, as well as unearth breakthrough tracks, raw demos, podcasts and more. the site made it possible by making an open platform which directly connects creators to fans across the globe.

Music and audio creators use SoundCloud to both share and monetize their content with a global audience, as well as receive detailed stats and feedback from the SoundCloud community.

7• “Plixid”

Plixid, in terms of complexity, is very popular. Unlike other sites, search box is not only the option, plixid offers. It has variety of options including top albums, trending, electronic, pop, metal, jazz etc.

Not only this, Plixid offers you a “sort by” option which helps you sort your searches with respect to relevance, freshness, and views.

Do visit it once.

8• “Mp3Jam”

MP3Jam IS a FREE music downloader site.

The only site which provides you over 20+ million songs which you can search, listen and download. Not only this, MP3Jam is secure as well. You’ll never get into any trouble using MP3jam, as it provides only safe and legal mp3s.

MP3Jam IS multi-purpose site. You can download a single music track or entire MP3 ALBUM. Just one-click, and you can download every song you wish to listen.

Also, unlike other sites there is no need to visit youtube, copy the link paste it on this site, MP3jam finds and downloads YouTube MP3s directly in the program. Plus, There is zero need to preview all the music to choose your favourite song. Mp3jam itself will find the best audio track with the best quality by default. Also, MP3jam is both online music as well as downloader and music player which let you share your music on twitter or facebook or WhatsApp with your friends

“Too much for a single site”, must visit.

9• “7digital”

7 digital is listed as digital music and radio service platform. 7 digital offers B2B service as well as 7 digital-branded direct-to-customer music download stores for the digital partners

It offers musical tracks in MP3 320, 256, M4A, 16-BIT AND 24 BIT FLAC AUDIO.

7 Digital is not only for windows but for androids, IOS, BLACKBERRY, and Firefox operating systems as well as a mobile-optimized store available on any device.

7 digital online music and downloader online store are available globally and major emphasize on 40 countries. They also have a mobile web-store, smartphone apps for Android, BlackBerry 10 devices, Firefox OS, Windows and iOS.

10•  “Leak4ever”

Leak4ever, the name says it all, listen to leaked music before it’s release. Yes! you hear me loud and clear! You can listen to any album before its release date.

Not only this, they also offer you, to first try the song an then buy it. As the moto goes “Try Before You Buy” policy.

All their leaks and downloads are 100% FREE. They do not charge you or use surveys. They, however, encourage you to buy an album if you like it.

Leak4ever also state to have a number of inside sources that can obtain music instantly. So, if you are looking for something before its release, Leak4ever is the right place.

So, these were top 10 music sites like mp3boo with extra and splendid features. Don’t sit behind, go download your favorite song and yes! Don’t forget to comment. “Amazing top 10” will bring more top 10s, soon.

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