Top 10 Free Prank Call Websites to Prank Friends

Do you ever feel like playing pranks on your friends or on your family members with fake calls?

…me, too! But the problem is, they already have our numbers, we cannot trick them with our personal numbers and neither can we buy 100 of sims. Then what should we do? Well! Well! you know there is always a solution to every situation in here.¬†“Prank call sites”

There are many Prank call websites that can help you out in such cases. ūüėČ

All you have to do is:

  • Connect your mobile phones to the internet
  • Search prank sites
  • Select your favorite prank and send it your friends number
  • And have fun with their reactions

As easy as that. Now, the question, which site is the best to use? Not to worry, “Amazing top 10” brings you top 10 prank calling websites. So, stay tuned for some fun.

(Disclaimer: These pranks sites are to have fun, with your friends and family members. Please, do not play these pranks with any unknown number. It might create trouble for you and for the person as well. Play it fair and healthy)

Top 10 Prank Call Websites

Below listed are some of the famous Prank Call websites that give you access to free calls using a fake number. All sites have their own features, some offer more free minutes while some offer less. Nonetheless, do try them once.

  1. Wacky prank call
  2. Prank dial
  3. Prank owl
  4. Comedy calls
  5. Easy prank 
  6. Prankcall nation
  7. Foxy calls
  8. KDK prank call
  9. My phone robot
  10. Phone looser

Prank Call Websites

Here are all the Prank calling websites that gives you various options. Some even give unlimited free prank calls while some charge you a bit.

The best thing is, there are some prank call sites where the team of site owners pranks your friend. You don’t even have to be on call, they will prank and you will get the recording of it. Haha, that’s a professional prank call. ¬†So start trying these prank call apps and online websites and enjoy pranking your loved ones.

1. Wacky prank calls

Wacky prank call stands first on the list because not only “wacky prank calls” has best features but the site is easy to handle as well and also to mention, it’s well organized. It is featured with helpline and tips which guide you, all the way through. The best feature which “wacky prank call” possess is “direct call” i.e., the operator of the site will actually talk to your friend, you play a prank with. Now isn’t this great.

Wacky prank call also has:- Conference calls, interesting pranks, double trouble and great variety. It may include charges, negligible though.

So, if you are up for some funny times, do try Wacky prank calls.

2. Prankdial – Internet Prank Call Website

PrankDial site is another amazing site with great features. It offers conference calls, categories and many easy to handle pranks.

The best, about prankdial is its categories. Not only the site offers funny pranks for friends but also involves loving pranks, sexy pranks, insulting pranks.

So, if you want to extend your pranks from funny to spicy, try “prankdial”.

3. Prankowl

Prankowl” site might be a bit difficult to use, but it is filled with 100 of prank calls with different, funny themes. Prank owl also has “premium feature” which enables the users to more feature.

Prank call site is stuffed with features like sound proof, operator call, spoof calls and hear reactions.

Do try, prankowl once.

4. – Send A Funny or Comedy Prank Call to your Friend

If you ever visit “Comedycalls“, you will find how easy the sites work. Every feature is lined, step by step for the users. All you have to do is go to “comedy calls” pick up a prank, dial your friend’s number, click send now and its done.

No information, no premium, no extra feature, no money required just pranks. So, if you want a fast handling sites, with no delays “comedy calls” are something, you are searching.

Note: There are some premium features that may require you to pay money.

5. Easy pranks

Easy pranks“, The name says it all, easy! Pranks!.¬†EasyPrank is one of the prank sites that offers you a range of easy and funny calls, that too, for free. Just dial the number, select the funny prank, wait for their reaction and laugh till you can. Now, what makes “easy prank” different from others sites?

Well, “EasyPrank” does not offer any caller ID spoofing feature, instead, you can use any number for directly making the calls. The site is totally easy to handle, it involves zero complexity.

Want a less complex prank site, visit easy pranks. A really great website for prank calls.

6. Prank call nation

Prank call nation is one of the largest prank station with a huge number of funny calling pranks and clipping. But, unfortunately, “prank call nation” is only for U.S. and Canadian residents.

It also informs us about the particular prank call, which gives us a better perception about the whole prank. This helps you to choose which prank to send whom.

7. Foxy call

FoxyCall is something, you can also use from your personal computer or laptop. Like other sites, foxy calls also provides you to send a call or a message through an anonymous number.

It also gives you the option to spoof your caller ID and text from any Sender ID. Plus, it modifies your voice. You can easily mask your phone number and use any other number to give a prank call.

8. kDk prank call

KDK Prank Calls, again is one of the largest internet call site featuring live comedy, prank calls, etc. You can download any prank call from there, that too free.

Funny and hilarious prank call, here have reached another level of laughter and the calls are so diverse that you’ll end up liking all of them. There are some pranks, which are surreal that the receiver ends up assuming it as an actual real call. Isn’t this all we want.

Do try, kdk phone calls.

9. My phone robot

MyPhoneRobot, is available only for US and Canada citizens. This prank call website also offers free call spoofing to your friends and family members.

Each call can be sent once in 2 hours and a total of 30 free calls will be offered per user. This is not all, you can also fake text messages with an unknown number. The only disadvantage is, it’s a country specific site, but, no worries, they will evolve soon.

10. Phone loser

Phone Losers of America is a prank calling site that contains a huge list of fun prank calls. From hilarious to serious, from funny to nonsense, from stupid to insulting. You can find any type of prank here. The site offers a prank call as an MP3 file that can be sent to your friends and family members anonymously.

So, these were some of the most interesting prank call sites with all the features and fun. Start using them to prank your friends, family, wife, father, mother, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone close to you.

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