Top 10 Games to Play on Facebook 2018

Games on Facebook are the new trend nowadays. The Facebook-to-mobile social network games are the first cross-platform for Facebook the users. Angry Birds, Clash of clans, Eightball pool are grabbing more attention on Facebook these days. And we are presenting Top 10 Games on Facebook.

Sometimes you discover many game requests in your notification bar from the players. And accepting request can lead them more chances or points. The goals or quest may only achieve if a player shares their game with their friends (Facebook community friends). There may be ranks decided or arranged in these games according to the victory won by Facebook users. Sometimes the gamer has to purchase the power or accessories or decorative items. These products technically do not exist but monetized for the further game conditions.

Top 10 Best Games to Play on Facebook

So here is what you were waiting for. We have compiled the list of ten of the best games you must play on Facebook. Go on, have a look.

8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool is an online mobile based billiard-themed pool simulation sports game. It is easy to play and very user-friendly game for users. This game was designed by Miniclip. Millions of people are playing this game and loved by all. The primary objective is being to put the ball as many as possible before the timer run out, to secure high score.

The new player begins this game as the beginner using ‘Beginner Cue’. To secure more chance or cues, the users have to share it with the Facebook friends/users. The pool coins can be purchased online by online banking or net banking. This game is free and can download directly from Play Store and App Store. Its app is supported by Android and iOS.

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is the online free, themed game played on mobile. It’s massive strategic, multiplayer and single player. Clash of Clans is published by Finnish Game Developer SuperCell. This game has been designed for Android and IOS and can be easily downloaded from Play Store and App Store.

In this game, the player is a chief of a village and has to build their own town. The town has been built by using resources gained from attacking other player or pseudo players throughout the game’s fighting features. Main sources are gold, elixir, etc.

The clans can be formed by co-joining o ore player s but only up to 50 players can join the sharing of a game with Facebook friends/users can help to make up some points.

  Candy Crush

Candy crush saga/jelly/soda/soda saga is the online game free to play this game is a matching puzzle published by a KING. This game can be played on Window Phone, Android, IOS, Google Play and Linux and can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store.


Players complete level by swapping color pieces of candies in the game and have to match the same color of three, four and five and all in shape. Matching of more than three candies creates unique candies which act as power-ups. By passing level one by one, they get toughest

There are many characters in the game to competition like candy crush jelly saga has two main characters – Jelly Queen and Cupcake Cart. The saga contains simple candies, jellies, and characters, soda contains soda bottles and soda saga contains candy soda bottle with more features. The Facebook face challenges in this game level after level.

  Criminal Case

The criminal case is a single player game which is published by “Pretty simple”. This game is an adventure having hidden objects and puzzles. While playing the game the player has to join the police of Grimsborough to solve the series of cases, you act as detective and police in the team and have to work out for the clues, interview witnesses, suspects, and autopsy and analyze evidence.

This is the best Facebook strategy game ever. At the final stage, if any level you have to grab the main killer, there are many levels and stages in one case and there are many cases in this game. There are limited power energies for the levels. The players earned stars to secure rank and chances and have currency used for the points and purchasing of power-ups to perform various tasks.

There are many characters in the game act as police, suspects and also pets available at some level to help in detection. The clues, puzzles make the game more interesting and the user stuck for hours to complete levels. In 2013 it was crowned the Facebook and called the Game of the Year of 2013.

Subway Surfer

Subway surfer is an endless runner game and is the single player game designed by Kiloo /SYBO games which is a private company this game is available in Android, iOS, Kindle and Window phone and can download from Play store and App store.

In this game there is a role of teenage hooligans named “Jake” which upon being caught of plying graffiti to a railway track and then run down to escape the inspector and dog, while running hooligan grab gold coins and other rewards in track and jumping over trains, the game, is really hard to control but is addictive and doesn’t force you to spend any money on it.

 Angry Bird 2

Angry Bird is a scrolling shooter single player animated game published by Finnish Company Rovio Entertainment. There are multicolored birds which save their eggs from green colored pigs. Green pigs are their enemies. This game is inspired by crush the castle. This is low price/comical style.

This game is supported by iOS, Android and Window Phone. This game can download from App store and Play store. There are many rewards like diamonds, coins and power-ups like ducks, snow wheel etc. The daily chest is containing daily rewards and also can be win by playing daily challenges like arena and more.

This game is loved by people and played mostly on Facebook. By sharing this game on Facebook, a player could get free coins.

 FarmVille 2

Farmville is a farming simulation and role-playing game which is designed by Zynga. This game is similar to happy farm, farm town. Farmville involves aspects of farm management, plowing land, planting, harvesting crops and trees and raising live stocks.

In this game, the player begins with an empty farm and a fixed starting number of farm coins/cash. The farm coins/cash are the primary currency in the game. They also earn experience points for performing various tasks like plowing land and buying items crops and animals. With the proceeding of the game the availability of crops and animals increases.

By interacting the game with other players or by sharing the game on Facebook allows a player to improve your farm quickly. This game is supported by Androids, IOS, and Windows phone and can be downloaded from App store and Play store. So, share and enjoy the game.

 Dragon City

Dragon city targets mid-core players. This game is designed to the Social point. The game is supported by Android, IOS and Windows phone and can download from an app store and play store.

The player raises own dragons and creates their own dragon city. The game can be co-join and players can enjoy it as a multiplayer game. One player could attack another player town or dragon city and earn rewards. If the player connects to Facebook they will get many rewards. In 2012 it was ranked #2 in Facebook top 25 rated games.

 Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash is an arcade puzzle action game rated #4 on Facebook. This game was designed by Wooga. In this game, a player has to match three or four colorful matches and do have a time limit of 60 seconds. It is available in Android, IOS and Windows Phone and can download from App store or Play store. Sharing it on Facebook will help you to win rewards.

Coin Master

Coin mater is a single player/ multiplayer game designed by Moon Active in 2010. This game is based on the virtual slot machine, the game as it names is all about the coins.

The slot machine yields coin, attack, raids, shield or more spins. To use coin there is a village building feature. By sharing it on Facebook a player will gain stars which upgrade your building and could play with more friends so you can attack others village and earns coins.

You can also trade with other players in this game. There are many rewards which can be earned. This game is supported by Android, Window Phone, and iOS users. So you can enjoy this game alone or with your friends.

So these are the Top 10 Games On Facebook you can play and enjoy. And some of them are the best Facebook games ever to play with your friends. If you like then comment and share.

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