Top 10 Game boosters for Android 2018

“Game booster”, a well-known word for any game lover. Game boosters for Android might be pretty unknown stuff for people who are not used to this gaming world but it is definitely everything for a gamer.

Starting with the question: What is game booster?( Which might not be a question actually, because whether a gamer or not, we can easily understand what it’s meaning is). Anyways, game booster is a software created for androids phone, Windows, IOS etc to speed up the processing of any game.

Now, another question: how game boosters speed up the processing of any game?

Game booster of performs work such as  app cache remover, battery life optimizer,  junk file cleaner and et cetera. These are specifically designed  to release RAM so that your processor could focus on the app or I say gaming app that you want to play in.

For better performance of any gaming app you need to load that particular game inside of game booster.

Intrinsically, game speed depends upon the processor or RAM of the phone. If you have a high processor, you might not need such game booster. But, for people who have pretty low processors, sometimes find trouble playing these game like, buffering, unnecessary loading, phone hanging, and etc.

In my eyes, it is really painful, bearing all these symptoms. But, this is why we have game booster. They work in any kind of processor to provide you better gaming hours.

The last question comes is: which game booster to use? Not to worry! “Amazing top 10” brings you 10 best game boosters of all time.

Top 10 Game boosters

Here, goes the details of 10 best game boosters for Android in 2018

  • SystAndroidCleaner
  • Dr. Booster
  • Swift Gamer
  • Game Booster Perform Max
  • Game Booster 3
  • DU Speed Booster
  • Wise Game Booster
  • CM speed booster
  • Just Cleaner
  • RAM Cleaner for Androids

1• “SystAndroidCleaner”

Syst Android Cleaner might sound like a “non-game” related software, but it actually is. And not only a normal game booster, it stands 1st in the list of best 10 game booster. Moving to its importance, Syst Android Cleaner is an android software, obvious  from its name  it serves  a variety of functions such as app Cache remover,  junk file cleaner, battery life optimizer it serves a variety of optimisation functions such as junk files cleanup, app cache remover, battery life optimizer. All you need to do is open the installed game from Syst android cleaner interface, to enjoy a lag free and smooth gaming experience. It’s feature are worth mentioning:

  • Automatic Scan and Clean: With a single tap, Syst Android Cleaner scans your device for the “slow processing” causes which causes delay in your processing. You then can erase all the issues with a single tap and speed up your Android
  • One click Speed-up – Frees up RAM with a single click to improve performance.
  • Game Booster Module: launch games from within game booster to improve games performance and eradicate lags and unresponsive control.
  • Improve Battery Consumption: This “improve battery consumption” option helps you save your device battery by turning off functions like data, Bluetooth, wi-fi and also by keeping a check on all the background apps and also manage the brightness of the device to save battery.
  • Storage Manager: Organizing files on your phone or device is extremely easy. Storage manager will also help you get rid of any bulky files to free up storage space on your phone.
  • App Manager: This option helps you to speed up your system’s speed by taking  control over all the installed apps inside your device. It collectively clears all Cache of the apps and also, stops any authorized app from working  

Download SystAndoridCleaner now

2• “Dr. Booster”

Dr. Booster, just like Syst Android Cleaner clear the cache and RAM to ease the playing of the game. Dr. Booster since it’s start, has dedicated to supply a good service to its user, which sufficiently has proven right by the performance they have given.

We all have heard about this very irritating word “virus”. Viruses are something you’ll never stand. They disturb your working, they lag your phone/system, hang it and the end is death of your processor. Keeping this in my mind, Dr. Booster updated a new feature to their software, which single-handedly is capable of removing viruses and malware from your android device that improves performance to a significant degree.

Moreover, it also categories all the installed games neatly so you can access them quickly. Certainly one of the best game booster apps you can find in the market.

Download “Dr. Booster” now

3• “Swift Gamer”


We, all know there are normal graphics games and high quality graphics game. And if you are addicted to play high graphics games, Swift gamer is something you need.

It is highly recommended if you want to play some hi-detail games on your phone, without slowdowns. Swift Gamer is an all-inclusive game speed-up app that helps you get the best from your android games. 

It’s advanced algorithms can alienate or sandbox a game, so they can run it in an independent environment without any hassles.

Nit only this, Swift gamer is stuffed with other features like one tap boost, device cooler, real-time network, data usage report, game helper, network protector and a lot more.

download Swift gamer here

4• Game Booster Perform-Max

Game Booster Perform-max app is a full featured app .This amazing app not only speeds up your device, but will also improve its controller response so that games can be enjoyed without any lags and with all the responses.

Simply launch your games from within Game Booster Perform Max to speed them up. It will boost your game up, will upgrade games responses, ease the flow and will avoid lagging.

It effectively clears any bottlenecks such as cache, background running apps and unchecked network activities by apps to free up the RAM. This helps your games run even more smoother, defiance of the hardware limits.

Download GameBooster Performax here

5• “Game Booster 3”

Game booster app, is the most used app of all time because of its unique way of speeding up.  Unleash your device’s real gaming capabilities with this highly recommended app. What makes Game Booster 3 unique is that it optimizes your device or phone in a such a way that the major chunk of RAM can be used for gaming.

Even if your game requires an active background service, this app uses Linux CPU management so that you can enjoy android games without being bothered by any slowdowns and crashes.t

Well, it certainly works alike on all android devices, but it offers some extra advantages for rooted devices. It’s max speed function pushes your device’s gaming abilities beyond its threshold to let you enjoy, your favourite game beyond limits.

Download GameBooster 3

6• “DU Speed booster”

DU Speed booster is a known name to anyone using speed boosters. Not only does it boost your game up but also helps in boosting your mobile phone up.

 It is also a complete android optimizer that cleans your device for better performance. Moreover, it also does a complete device optimization and removes any issues with slowdowns so that you can enjoy mobile games without  crashes and blackouts.

Well, if things have merits, they have demerits, too. It cannot fully impress the gamers when it comes to hi-detailed games. Gamers undoubtedly can complaint about the lack of hi-detail graphics and inconsistencies with hardware when it comes to android games.

Nevertheless, looking at the steady year-on-year growth in mobile gaming revenues, it sure is a booming market for both gamers and developers. 

Download DU speed booster

7• “Wise Game Booster”

Okay! If you are an android user, it might disappoint you.

Wise game booster is free game speed-up tool that frees up memory to speed up the processing of the game, close setups to avoid lagging in the game and tune up network to enhance game performance.

Though, this app is not available on Android but nonetheless, you can use it on your laptop or PCs as it is available for Windows XP/7/8/10 both 32-bit and 64-bit and also for windows Vista.

It performs by optimizing system setting, stooping irrelevant services and making resources focused on that particular game that you are playing or want to play. Though it doesn’t perform miracles, it just helps to squeeze every bit of performance so that games could run more smoothly.

Download Wise game booster

8• CM Speed booster

The CM game booster is worldwide used app because of its performance in speed boosting and game processing.

Not only this, it helps to fix problems related to insufficient memory and game lag. The app automatically solves RAM problems and boost games by 30% when launched.

So, if you want an all-rounder app, CM speed booster is what you want.


9• “Just Cleaner”

Just cleaner app is not just a game boosting app but an all-rounder one. It is junk file cleaner app packed with a number of handy tools i.e., not only game booster but also a data booster, speed booster, battery optimizer and more.

It is the complete solution for your Android phone and tablet. The app kills all the unnecessary processes and optimizes RAM.

So, if you are finding something which will not only boost your game, but the whole phone. Just cleaner is the app you are looking for.

Download Just Cleaner now

10• RAM Cleaner For Androids.


RAM Cleaner for android increases performance of the entire Android phone and RAM by continuously collecting RAM threads and error caused by them.

RAM app, like other apps is also a full package including game booster and mobile phone boosters. But what makes this app different from other is that it is specially designed to solve the hanging problems by cleaning RAM.

Download RAM Cleaner for Android now

These were some of the best game boosters of 2018. If you want to play a game with ease, these apps are a must try. And, here we are at the end of this blog of best 10 game boosters. So, if you find our information useful, do comment and react. Amazing top 10 will be back, with more amazing top 10s.

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