Top 10 Free Graphics Design Software | Windows, Mac 2018

Nowadays graphic designing has become a form of essential visual communication. Be it corporate designing, editorial designing or even designing the websites, good graphics can work like a charm. These top 10 free graphic design software will help newbies a lot. Graphic designers have to let their creative juices flow and also create the outlook of websites which is a major factor in attracting people. And as a graphic designer, this is your job! Most designing software either burn a hole in the pocket of budding graphic designers or are very complex to understand.

Top 10 free Graphic Design Software

Enough of chatter! Here comes the list that you were looking. We have tried to compile 10 of the best software but in case we missed any, let us know!

1.SVG-Edit :

A free and open source vector graphics editor, this is perfect for all the newbies out there. Whether you are a student who has taken up a course in graphic designing or a budding entrepreneur for whom life is a canvas, this app is perfect for all the beginner needs.
Here are the best features of SVG-EDIT:

  • It works within a web browser which means no more hassles of downloading.
  • It will work on any modern browser i.e Firefox 1.5, Chrome 1+, Safari 4+ etc.
  • Very easy to learn the software and also manage it.
  • We can create alternative interfaces to the canvas.  

Download from HERE.


GIMP stands for GNU image manipulation program. The fun fact about GIMP is that it is not just helpful for graphic designers but also for illustrators, photographers.
Here are the best features of GIMP:

  • There is a range of sophisticated tools.
  • Highly customizable brushes and filters
  • Supports a huge number of plugins.
  • Fun fact is you can change the source code and distribute the changes.

Download from HERE.


Krita is a free raster graphics editor that can be majorly used for animation or even digital painting. Though the functionalities of Krita are a little more complex than those mentioned above. But the interface has been made very simple for even the layman.
Here are the best features of Krita:

  • The latest version of Krita is developed with Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5.
  • Frequently used functions in Krita can be accessed by fewer clicks, reducing the need to use menu based options making the software very easy to handle.
  • The layers and masks in Krita are non-destructive.
  • It runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and even Mac OS.

Download this awesome software from HERE. is another free raster graphics editor built only for Microsoft Windows. Initially released over 13 years ago, this software is easy to handle and understand.

Some cool features:

  • It supports layers, blending, transparency and even plugins.
  • has been developed with C# and C++.

Download from HERE. is one of the simplest online graphics designing software in this list that is mostly known for creating infographics that are very attractive and informative.

Some cool features are:

  • It has a drag and drop system for the design elements which makes it very easy to function and understand. So even if you aren’t a graphic designer, your work will still reflect finesse.
  • A very simple interface and easy navigation.
  • The coolest feature is you can share your work with your teammates after you’re done on this platform.

Use from HERE.

6. Serif DrawPlus starter edition

Serif DrawPlus starter edition is another free vector graphics editor and animation software built using C++. It was developed for Microsoft Windows and is compatible with various Windows devices.

Some cool features are:

  • Apart from traditional graphics designing tools, it has a variety of realistic brushes that allows the user to use watercolors, oils etc.
  • Serif DrawPlus starter edition can also produce stop frame and keyframe animations.
  • There is instant on-screen assistance whenever the user is in need of it.

Download from HERE.

7.Daz studio

Coolest information about Daz studio is that not only for visuals, it can also be used for videos as well. Daz studio is used for 3D scene creation which makes it very different from the rest of the software on this list. Daz studio is supported on Windows Vista or later versions and Mac OS X 10.6 or later versions.

Some cool features:

  • Daz studio allows you to play around with “ready to use” models and figures for supporting 3D content.
  • You can create really cool 3D figures all by yourself.

Download from HERE.


Inkscape is another free vectors graphics editor. It can be used for various illustrations, diagrams, logos. Inkscape was built with C++ and python (extension). It is compatible Linux, MacOS, and windows.

Some cool features:

  • It can generate and edit SVG format files.
  • You can do some really cool freehand drawing using the calligraphy tool.
  • One of the coolest features of Inkscape is node editing functionality. Nodes help designers manipulate graphics that are vectorized.

Download from HERE.


One of the newest additions to this list because this came out of beta testing a while back and is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Chromebook. How cool is that?

Apart from that Vectr is a very high-end vector graphics editor almost on the lines of Adobe illustrator but a much simpler interface.

Some cool features:

  • You can now save all your work online and share your work in a variety of format i.e PNG, JPG or SVG file formats.
  • It is a web and desktop cross-platform tool!

Download from HERE.


Pixlr is one of the most famous online photo editors! It has many filters and allows the user to retouch images like professionals. The interface is extremely easy to understand and use.

Some of its cool features are:

  • Pixlr has a grabber option for Firefox. Using this whenever you right click on any image, it automatically loads the image to pixlr where further editing can be done.

Access Pixlr from HERE.

So to sum up here are the top 10 graphics design software:

  1. SVG- Edit
  2. GIMP
  3. Krita 
  6. Serif DrawPlus starter edition
  7. Daz studio
  8. Inkscape
  9. Vectr
  10. Pixlr

So with all the graphic designing newbies, hope you try out these software and have fun doing what you do best, creating masterpieces! If you have any other suggestions part of the ones we suggested, feel free to comment down below!

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