10 Flirty Texting Games To Play With Your Girlfriend | 2018-19

A distance relationship sometimes sounds tough to you and your girlfriend can’t enjoy that closeness. Meeting daily is really not possible in a long distance relationship. But technologies make it easier for long distance as well as for feelings. You can easily convey your feelings, your emotions over texts and phone calls. Those texts and phone calls really make so many memories and leave so many deep connections in your heart.

10 Flirty Texting Games to play with your girlfriend

But sometimes staying away from your girlfriend is really hard for you. And yeah you can make techno-contacts easily. But for how long?? Often you both get irritated over daily texting conversations and phone calls. To make those dull evenings and nights more interesting we are introducing 10 flirty texting games which can be played in the text. You both will really be going to enjoy them. And you really don’t need any apps for playing them. If you decide you want to play something more intensive check out these 10 flirty texting game to play with your girlfriend.

Talk with emoji

So here comes the first interesting game that you can play with your girlfriend. As we know that we often use emoji in our daily texting conversations but do you ever think about playing guessing sentences & words game of emoji.

What all you have to do is just make words or sentences with the use of emojis only and let your girlfriend guess them. Every emoticon has their own expression and could easily convey your feelings to your girlfriend. This game could be turned into sexist and naughtiest thoughts and you both can have more fun.

Song lyrics

Songs are the best time pass and sometimes they make romantic memories. Many times you’ve played song games like catching words when you were together but you can also play song games over text. This game also works when your girlfriend is really angry with you. Just send some beautiful lines of a song and she will guess and reply you with lyrics correlate your text.

Song lyrics played by choosing any line from a song and your girlfriend have to guess that song and should reply with lyrics of any song. Like you can text her “what are you waiting for” and she has to answer the song.
This is the sweetest game you can play with your girlfriend and you both can enjoy a lovely time.

Reverse writing

When you and your girlfriend get bored with your simple daily texting conversations then try reverse writing. You can send reverse text and ask your girlfriend to do the same. Yeah, it is time-consuming and also hard to write every word in a reverse pattern but really it has more fun than you expect.
Like- uoy evol I and all she has to do is to guess those words and rearrange them in a proper manner.
Uoy evol I == I love you

The fluent conversation just makes you easy guessing and then you will be just perfect in guessing the later texts. You and your girlfriend kill that stubborn boredom by playing this interesting game and you both can enjoy the new guessing.

I spy

If you are playing this game then make sure that your girlfriend is familiar with your home/your place and even with you and your things. You can pick a thing from any room of your place and let her guess that where you are or to make it naughtier you need to allow your imagination to run wildest like if you ask her about your moles or if you have any tattoos which were not seen by everyone and you can ask her about it as well. I guess you got that.


This game needs you and your girlfriend’s vocabulary skills to be stronger. You can take words, break their letters and rearranged them to make a new word turn after turn. There’s not much to it-you present a word via text and your girlfriend replies with series of words that can be constructed.
like ESRO can be a rose, sore or seam can be same or team can be tame or cornucopia can be corn pun piano.

You can also set some time limit to 5-6 minutes to have guessed.
To make it more difficult choose your words wisely. This game can reduce you and your girlfriend’s boredom as well as stress.

What if

This is a situation response game starts with ‘what if’ scenario. You can ask your girlfriend that what they will do in that particular situation. This is an excellent game to play with your love and maybe she surprises you with her answers that you have not even expected.
like if one ask…what if I left you today?… Or what if I ’ll?

It’s fun to know about your girlfriend’s response to some situation, make it more difficult to respond. It can also help you to know your girlfriend’s thoughts that how she can handle the situation.


Stripping of text game

This is the sexiest game of all time for you and your girlfriend. This is a question and answer game. You can decide some question limits and your girlfriend have to answer those questions. If she gives the wrong answer to your questions then she has to remove one piece from what she wore. So better decide your questions smartly. Maybe she could be smarter than your expectations.
And this game could be extended by your choice.Enjoy your hot moments safely too.

Quotes games

This is a sweet game you can play with text. You both can have your conversation in Quotes that make it more and more romantic. You can send her a beautiful and romantic quote and she has to reply it with a quote only.
For example… He: Her love makes my life easy.

As everyone is not good at writing quotes but this little struggle in making quotes for each other bring both of you closer. This game can be romantic for both of you.


Abbreviations are fixed with their expenses but designing up your own abbreviations makes your conversation more exciting. You can make it sexy as you can use some abbreviation to make your girlfriend wild and curious.

Like you can text her IIAB i.e. I’m in a bathroom or you can normally text her like WTC i.e. walking the cat
Or… WAIW…… what am I wearing???.. etc.
It’s really exciter than your imagination. So make your own texting abbreviations.

Name game

This game goes with a particular topic decided like, actors or players and has to write similar things related to the topic. One has to guess the new one with the end letter of the previous word but the word should not be out of the given topic.

You cannot repeat the same word and do not text out of you topic decided by you. Make sure that your girlfriend should not cheat if she is out of her words
You can make your time romantic by selecting some topics like… Love, romance or more. This game could make romantic or sexier by your choice.

List of Top 10 Flirty Games To Play With your Girlfriend

  • Talk with Emoji
  • Song Lyrics
  • Reverse Writing
  • I Spy
  • Breakdown
  • What if
  • Stripping of text games
  • Abbreviation
  • Name Game
  • Quotes Game


These are 10 flirty texting games you can play with your girlfriend and enjoy your moments. But while playing these game be sure that you should not get offended with your girlfriend or don’t make them turn her mood off with your texts and also remember, do not ruin the game with your or her past stories or talking about exes. Remember, these games are for fun but not for ruining your moments. So, enjoy these 2 person texting game and make your relationship more romantic.

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