10 Best Flirty Texting Games To Play With Boyfriend

In a relationship? Or shall I rephrase, in a long distance relationship??? Well, that’s understandable that you miss your boyfriend a lot. But often they say, distance makes a couple come even closer! Yeah, we have texting and e-mails and skype and what not, but daily texting and phone calls can become a big turn off after some time, especially when you are miles apart from your partner.

10 Flirty Texting Games to Play with Your Boyfriend

Now to make your conversation more interesting, here in this article we will be presenting you with 10 best flirty ways and naughty texting games to play with your boyfriend which can make you and your partner connect better, laugh and even can make normal moments spicier.
Just make your long distance relationship interesting by these 10 flirty texting games to play with your boyfriend and create new memories.

Story builder

Starting with a line of your choice and turn by turn you both will have to add lines to complete a beautiful story. You both have to make storyline one after another. Like if you first initiate the story with a line like.

Once upon a time, a girl met a boy…. and now let your boyfriend write the next storyline.

Story builder becomes more interesting when you came up with you and your boyfriend’s mysterious and naughty thoughts. But remember, you both get only 20 turns to complete a story.

Fill in the blanks

This game can be flirty to play with your boyfriend and help you to know more about your him. You can start with a question about you or your things and leave the blank for the rest. It’s really fun to know that whether your boyfriend knows you more or not.

And also you can ask about your likes and dislikes and it really amazes to know whether he knows you well, like…..
I love it when you……. Or your ……. A shirt is my fav one.


This game needs you and your boyfriend’s vocabulary skills to be more strong. You can take words, break their letters and rearranged them to make a new word turn after turn like ESRO can be rose or seam can be same ….. or team can be tame.

You can also set some time limit to 5-6 minutes to have guessed. To make it more difficult choose your words wisely. This game can reduce your boredom as well as your stress.

Truth or dare over text

You’d played this game many times when you both are together but playing truth and dare over text with your partner can make it more interesting as you can’t see each other’s face and can make your way more easy to ask anything about yourself or your relationship.

Even you can give many naughty dares to each other like you can dare him to change relationship status if you both are in a close relationship or you can post a fake break up story. This game has more fun.


Name game

This game goes with a particular topic decided like, actors or players and has to write similar things related to the topic. One has to guess the new one with the end letter of the previous word but the word should not be out of the given topic.

You cannot repeat the same word and do not text out of you topic decided by you. Make sure that your boyfriend should not cheat if he is out of his words
You can make your time romantic by selecting some topics like… Love, romance or more. This game could make romantic or sexier by your choice.

Movies lines

This game is more fun if you and your boyfriend are movies addicted. Text a dialog from any movie randomly and let your partner guess the movie name. You can also set some rules for this game like if one of you can’t guess the name then your boyfriend have to do whatever you ask him to do.

Movies Line also change the game with the twist like. You text him a movie related to your conversation and he has to reply with another movie title with the flow. This will make you conversation interesting and naughtiest.

I spy or where am I

If you are playing this game then make sure that your partner is familiar with your home your place. You can pick a thing from any room of your place and let him guess that where you are.

Or to make it more naughty you need to allow your imagination to run more wild like if you ask him/her about your moles…I guess you got that.

20 questions

In this game, you have to pick a subject that is harder to guess and ask 20 questions related to that subject. Your boyfriend has to answer them in yes or no.

Giving a wrong answer can make your partner to pay the penalty of your choice so you can turn the game according to your mood.
You can also ask them naughty questions about yourself and make the game curious and exciting. This game is on until you have completed 20 questions.

What if

This is a situation response game starts with ‘what if’ scenario. You can ask your boyfriend that what they will do in that particular situation, like if one ask…what if I left you today?… Or what if I fall from a tree?

Its fun to know about your boyfriend’s response as some situation make it more difficult to respond. It can also help you to know your partner thought that how he can handle you in some situations.

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Reverse writing

When you get bored with your simple daily texting or conversation then try reverse writing. You can send reverse text and ask your boyfriend to do the same. Yeah, it is time-consuming and also hard to write every word in a reverse pattern but really it has more fun than you expect.This will kill you and your boyfriend’s boredom and you both can enjoy the new guessing.



List of Top 10 Best  Flirty Texting Games to Play with your Boyfriend 

  1. Story Builder
  2. Fill in the Blank
  3. Breakdown
  4. Truth or Dare Over Text
  5. Name Game
  6. Movies Lines
  7. I Spy or Where Am I
  8. 20 Questions
  9. What If
  10. Reverse Writing

These are the best texting games to connect with your boyfriend. As you can’t see other’s reaction you can add your personal touch to your text by being cute and flirty.
While playing these game be sure that you should not get offended by your boyfriend or don’t make him turn his mood off with your texts. Remember, you are making good memories not making you relationship difficult by asking offensive questions.
So enjoy these 10 flirty texting games with your boyfriend.

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