10 Best Chromecast Alternatives in 2018

Google Chromecast is a simple HDMI-enabled media streaming device that lets you stream content from your smartphone, tablet or internet directly to your TV, without any need of physical cables, which is for sure, a useful device.

Dolorously! Every device which has advantages, has flaws, too. But not to worry! Amazing top ten brings you a list of best Chromecast alternatives which might effectively help you.

10 Best Chromecast Alternatives

1. Apple Tv

Apple Tv, an alternative to chromecast is built in a way that it can run as a stand alone streamer. This device has its own processor and plug-in power supply, and it hooks up to your TV via HDMI.

Apple Tv makes sense to everyone, as the brand Apple always stand up to people’s expectations. So, ultimately there’s no need of thinking twice while buying this device.

2. Amazon Fire Tv

Amazon Fire Tv is another best option we’ve got. Since the Amazon Fire TV is based on Android, it does support a number of India-centric streaming apps like Gaana, Hotstar, Eros Now and others.

Although the price of Amazon Fire tv is a little on the higher end, it completely justifies the price tag. Amazon Fire tv does not only streams media to your tv, but also offers you play your favorite games on a comparatively bigger screen.

3. Samsung Allshare Cast

Another product similar to chromecast is Samsung Allshare cast, it is built to stream movies and media files. It is a huge relief as it is compatible with all devices.

This device also allows you to stream presentations to a TV and makes a perfect fit in workplace environments. It is, in addition, very easy to set up.

4. WD TV Live

WD TV Live is another great media streaming device alternative developed by Western Digital. This device enables you to play your favorite movies and tv shows via Netflix.

Besides, movies and shows you can also play stored media files on this chromecast alternative. Under this device, you can also turn your smartphone into a remote which is like pudding onto your pastry right away.

5. Teewe

We’re talking about Teewe and we must admit that the device is just like it sounds (elongated version of TV), it tries to be your savior and alternative to the Chromecast. Teewe is also a very easy setup as it is just a USB like device.

It is available for both Android and iOS. The TeeWee app lets you play locally stored files as well as stream content from YouTube and other online sources.

6. CheapCast

CheapCast is a free Android application which allows you to stream local media files in your smartphone on bigger tv screen. All you need to do is download and install this application in your smartphone or tablet.

Then connect your phone or tablet (in which you downloaded the app) to you Tv with the help of HDMI cable. Now, You’re ready to play.

7. AllCast

AllCast is a free Android and IOS application developed to stream your local photos, videos, and media files via third party DLNA receiver.

AllCast lets you cast to:

* Chromecast
* Amazon FireTV
* Apple TV
* Xbox 360, Xbox One
* Roku
* Samsung, Sony and Panasonic Smart TVs
* Other DLNA Renderers

AllCast is not a replacement but a cheap add-on for Chromecast.

8. Roku Streaming Stick

If your demands are much more than just a streaming device then Roku streaming stick is the best option among all. The Roku streaming stick is the cheapest chromecast alternative in 2018 and comes along with over 1200 Roku channels which is quite a flexible way for streaming.

With 1200 Roku channels you have a lot just at your fingertips. The device also comes with a WiFi Remote control which wouldn’t be available with Chromecast.

9. MatchStick

Matchstick streaming device was built as an open-platform device and is based on Firefox OS. Matchstick is an HDMI dongle, plugging directly into your TV. This devices enables the Flint app to transfer your media files to Tv.

Once a file start streaming on your tv, then you can use your phone without interfering what’s displayed on your tv.

10. NowTv HD

Now TV serves up razor-sharp video for HD/Super HD channels and on demand content alike.

Whether enjoying the latest movies, the biggest dramas or high speed competitive action, watch it with quality. It is available in six different variants and is offered by Tesco all under one roof for your convenience.

Top Chromecast Alternatives in 2018

  • Apple Tv
  • Amazon Fire Tv
  • Samsung Allshare cast
  • WD TV Live
  • Teewe
  • CheapCast
  • AllCast
  • Roku streaming stick
  • Matchstick
  • NowTv Hd

So these were some alternatives that are cheap, free or better. You must consider having a look at these before taking your decision. Online streaming has already started being loved by people from all around the world and with this revolution in the tv entertainment industry, we expect many more streaming devices similar to chromecast to come into the market. 2018 will be a big year for online streaming devices as the stats suggest that almost every higher income household will start preferring online streaming apps and devices rather than the traditional cable networks.

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