Top 10 Cheap Holiday Destinations in the World

Many of us love to travel and discover new places but the expenditure can play the role of an obstacle. We usually plan a trip in vacations but due to high expenses, it gets postponed until next year. In order to tackle this issue, what we need is to first look for the Top 10 Cheap Holiday Destinations in the World.

To spend our holidays, Paris, London, Venice, etc are tremendous options to pick but not the only ones. These cities are undoubtedly wonderful but our mother earth has thousands and thousands of locations to explore.

10 Cheap Holiday Destinations 

Either you’re a forest geek or a town hunter, you need to deliver these stated locations a minute. So here is a list of Top 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations in the World.

1. Cambodia

‘Cheap and Best’ – these two words are simply perfect for Cambodia. With a night stay and meal expenses per day not crossing the amount of $30, Cambodia stands at No. 1 in the list of Top 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations in the World.

Within last ten years, Cambodia has become the must watch destination in whole South East Asia. Moreover, one of seven wonders of the world, Angkor Wat Temple will cost you only $37 for a full day visit. The Forests of Cambodia are one of the most adventurous and mysterious one of the world.

Cambodia deserves to be on the top in the list of cheapest countries to travel internationally. Their tourism website explains all necessary details briefly.

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2. India

India is the seventh largest country in the world so even 4-5 months aren’t enough to explore India fully. The famous street food doesn’t cost more than $10 and can be easily found in every nearby local market. Only in North region, the beautiful mountains of Kashmir Valley, The Great Taj Mahal in Agra, world famous forts of Rajasthan and the historical places of Punjab and Delhi are looking forward to you.

Honestly, even a 500-page book is very small for India Tour Guide.

The list of Affordable Holiday Destinations in India is endless. To know more, check out the tourism website of India. => Incredible India

3. Vietnam

One of the Asia’s newly developed country, Vietnam is now one of the main sights in traveler’s vision. A full day meal plus a night stay will price you less than 15$. That’s why Vietnam is the third role in the list of Best Holiday Destinations in the World. Market and Wildlife Tours are one of the common things to do but without a boat cruise experience, your entire journey is incomplete.

Your whole Vietnam trip can definitely be the best option to travel under $2000. Click on the link to know more.

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4. Hungary

The cheapest travel destination in Europe, Hungary is globally famous for its ancient buildings, popular wine, Hungarian Sea, etc. Budapest, the capital of Hungary is well known as the name of the city of lights.

Moreover, you can compare Budapest with other popular cities such as Prague and Paris. Many historic cathedrals are one of the must visit places in Hungary.

Hungary, one of the cheapest countries to travel in Europe, is a good option to travel in low budget. In order to know more, visit their tourism website. More info: Go To Hungary

5. Sri Lanka

With astonishing mountains, plenty of cultural heritage places, tea plantations, and animal-rich forests, Sri Lanka is picture perfect paradise. Here, even the royal 5-star hotels will only cost you less than $40. All meals listed inside the menu including the classic Sri-Lankan food of fish curry, will not exceed the amount $5.

Because of numerous places to visit and cheap cum delicious food, Sri Lanks has easily marked its place in Cheap Holiday Destinations in Asia also. More details: Sri Lanka – Wonder of Asia

6. Peru

Peru, a small Spanish-speaking country, is always being neglected by the most number of surveys. There are dozens of places and various things to do in Peru such as hiking the Colca Canyon, exploring the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca, surfing in Mancora, sightseeing in Lima, etc.

For Backpackers, Peru is like a heaven with all affordable amenities. That’s why Peru stands at top in the list of Best Countries for Backpackers to travel. Read More: Visit Peru

7. Argentina

From Perito Moreno Glacier Tour to Sightseeing of Iguazu Falls, Argentina has a bunch of travel destinations to visit and enjoy. Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, is widely known for its nightlife and the maximum charges in any city hotel are less than $50. The unforgettable Husky Ride Experience in Ushuaia is a must to-do task and it will cost you $200 only.

Not so cheap, but still Argentina easily makes a place in this list of cheapest places to travel in the world. Read more: Argentina Travel

8. Bulgaria

Bulgaria, the country popularly known for its eye-catching skiing destinations, lovely mountains, historic cathedrals, etc. Other than this, Sunny Beach, world famous resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast will provide you with amazing services like water sports, sand dunes, etc. The breathtaking architecture of Alexander Novsky Cathedral, Sofia is worth visiting. With its gold plated dome and huge capacity of holding at least 10000 people at a time, your experience here will be remarkable.

The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe. The Tourism Portal of Bulgaria clears all your doubts or queries related to visit; Bulgaria Travel

9. Greece

As we all know, Greece is facing economic issues, so the fee of holidaying is also decreased as it was earlier. There are some costly hotels also but you will easily find cheap cum comfortable hotels with a night stay ranges between 3$ to 8$. Los, the island which is famous for its super cheap shots such as pool parties, all-night raves, etc.

This European country is a new entry in Best low cost Holiday Destinations in the World. Check out their website to learn more about Greece; Visit Greece

10. Dominican Republic

Now you might feel a bit awkward after seeing a Caribbean state in the list of Top 10 Cheap Holiday Destinations in the World. But believe me, the Dominican Republic is such a cheap place where $38 a day will solve the issue of accommodation, food, travel, and other extra stuff also. Apart from this, even a beer can is much less than $1.50. You can even opt for local transportation to save a lot more money.

One of the best affordable countries to travel includes the Dominican Republic country. Must check their official tourism website. Go Dominican Republic

So, Where will you be heading to?

So now you are aware of the Top 10 Cheap Holiday Destinations in the World. Pick any location of your choice and give it a shot. May be this trip will become one of your unforgettable tours. Comment below if you know more amazing Cheap Holiday Destinations to travel in the World.

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