10 Best Women Safety Apps for Android

In many countries, women fear to travel alone or at night. Although, governments have taken actions in the form of police services, helpline numbers, websites, etc. But the reality is that crimes related to women are rising day by day instead of declining. The digital world can help women to always feel safe and secure. That’s why we are listing the Top 10 women safety apps on Android. 

Best Women Safety Apps for Android

We have listed the 10 best safety app for women, do check them all and install at least one of them in your mobile phone. It will always be with you while you are feeling insecure.

Anyways, let’s start the list.

1. VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

When someone is in danger, there is no time to open the phone and to dial emergency numbers. So this app has done some tremendous work. We just have to press the power button twice, the message of emergency will be automatically sent to the mentioned contacts with location.

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2. Circle of 6 App

This app provides some basic and advisory thing. In this app, we have to choose our six close contacts.

We just have to click on the app icon and then on ‘send’ option. Suddenly the message will be sent to the mentioned contacts along with the current location.

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3. Funa – Family Locator

As the name indicates, Funa Family Locator is an advanced app with multi-tasking features. This app helps us to keep in touch with our family members and friends. We can also share our locations with them.

Hence, Funa – Family Locator app stands at 3rd position in the list of 10 Best safety Apps for Women.

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4. Chilla: Anti Rape Women App

This is the another safety app for women which works as a safeguard. Chilla App detects the screaming voice even if the cell phone is in Pocket or Handbag. Other than this,

Other than this, user can press the power button 5 times and this will send the emergency message to the registered contacts or police with location.

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5. Family Locator and GPS Tracker

This app is mostly used by the parents to keep an eye on their naughty children or teenagers.

This app is meant to be installed by the parents on their children’s phone secretly and it will SMS the location of the child. With the help of GPS, it will inform you of the exact location. This app can also be called as eye watcher app.

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6. Nirbhaya: Be Fearless

This is another useful app for women as it sends the emergency message to the mentioned contacts with the single touch on the screen.

This feature when activated provides the exact location with the movement of 300 meters. The app is named after a girl Nirbhaya who was raped and brutally killed in Delhi, India in 2012.

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7. Watch over me

Watch Over Me is something new and interesting app.

This app allows us to follow our GPS location of how we want. If we fail to do so this app sends an emergency alert to our nearer contacts. And if something bad happens, we just have to move our phone or shake it, so that its camera automatically open and start recording the current situation.


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8. Smart24×7 – Personal Safety App

This app is supported by various police stations. This app sends panic alerts to emergency contacts in an intricate scenario.

It also lets you record voices and captures images. Hence, it deserves to be in the list of 10 Best Security Apps for Women.

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9. bSafe

Another top women safety app is bSafe. This app guarantees the protection and safety of ladies.

Instead of manually sending your location to any of your close contacts, this app allows contacts to follow your live GPS feed and can also set a time alarm in case you haven’t checked in.

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10. My Safetipin

Safetipin is another recommended app which sends all the necessary details to pre-configured contacts in dangerous situations. In this app, you can mark a location as unsafe and help others to stay safe. It is multi-lingual app supporting Hindi, English, Spanish, etc.

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Finally, we can conclude that the listed apps can help the women to feel safe. We recommend that every woman must install one of the above-mentioned apps so that they can be safe in the awkward situations and their parents or guardians would get to know about their whereabouts.

The links provided by us are from Playstore. We will be updating the list of women safety apps for iOS soon. Anyways, most of these apps have their iOS versions, so all you have to do is, just search for the app name on Apple store and install the app.

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