Top 10 Best WhatsApp Riddles to Play with Friends & Family

Amazing top ten brings you the Latest and the Best WhatsApp Riddles. You can use these riddles to check knowledge of your friends, family and colleagues. This list of top 10 WhatsApp Riddles 2018 is a must for fun among your favourite people. You can use these results to make a conversation with your loved ones more interesting and funny by all means.

Top 10 Latest WhatsApp Riddles 

Now let’s start the fun.

1. Greater than God.

What is greater than God,
more evil than the devil,
the poor have it,
the rich need it,
and if you eat it, you’ll die?

Answer :-  Nothing !!!!!

Surprised?? Yeah, The answer is “nothing” because nothing’s greater than god, nothing’s more evil than the devil, the poor have nothing, the rich need nothing and if you eat nothing, you’ll die.!!

2. No Need

Who makes it, has no need of it.
Who buys it, has no use for it.
Who uses it can neither see nor feel it.
What is it?

Answer :- A Coffin 

Haha! That wan an amazing one!! Let’s move forward to more of these.

3. Wet and Dry

What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

Answer :-  A towel !!!!

Ofcourse, A towel gets wetter the more it dries. It was an easy one. But, the list continues.

4. Butcher

Paul’s height is six feet, he’s an assistant at a butcher’s shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh?

Answer :- Meat !!

What else a butcher would weigh?!

5. Cry as much as you can.

Take off my skin – I won’t cry, but you will! What am I?

Answer :- A onion!

This riddle made me emotional. (TT) Haha !! Just kidding. Let’s move forward.

5. Light as Feather 

What is as light as a feather, but even the world’s strongest man couldn’t hold it for more than a minute?

Now, this riddle is a mind stressing one. Use the depth of your brain and think of a answer. Something which is lighter than a feather!!! We are all already known that feather is most light. But no, something’s more light. Okay I’ll tell you the answer.

Answer :- Your Breath !! 

You would have never thought of such an answer!!!!?

6. Mind Blowing Puzzle

Two children, who were all tangled up in their reckoning of the days of the week, paused on their way to school to straighten matters out. “When the day after tomorrow is yesterday,” said Priscilla, “then ‘today’ will be as far from Sunday as that day was which was ‘today’ when the day before yesterday was tomorrow!”
On which day of the week did this puzzling prattle occur?

Now this puzzle is for sure mind blowing. I wish you don’t end up crying because understanding the question is far more difficult than figuring out the answer. Test your IQ.

Answer :- The two children were so befogged over the calendar that they had started on their way to school on Sunday morning!

Hahaha! Pity on kids 😉 They’re really innocent.

7. Five Apples And Five Kids

A basket contains 5 apples. Do you know how to divide them among 5 kids so that each one has an apple and one apple stays in the basket?

How will you divide 5 apples among 5 children and still have one remained in the basket?

Answer :- Answer to this riddle goes as follows: 4 kids get an apple (one apple for each one of them) and the fifth kid gets an apple with the basket still containing the apple.

8. Voiceless it cries

Voiceless it cries,
Wingless flutters,
Toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters.

Answer :- Wind!

9. Red And Black

Tear one off and scratch my head what was red is black instead.

Scratch it’s head and watch the red head turning black. Seriously, which head turns black after scratching? Here’s the answer.

Answer :- A matchstick!!

Yeah! The head burns and turns black.

Now, We have reached to the last riddle of our top ten best WhatsApp Riddles list. Here comes it.

10. First it comes 

You can start a fire if you have alcohol, petrol, kerosene, paper, candle, coke, a full matchbox and a piece of cotton wool. What is the first thing you light?

Yeah, you’ve got a lot of options to start with. So let’s check what you may choose!! But the answer is to be given. So here’s the answer!!

Answer :- A matchstick ofcourse!!!

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So these were some tough & best WhatsApp riddles to play, weren’t they? Haha! These riddles were really amazing, mind blowing and real fun. Don’t you think that? Still sitting? Go play, make your friend’s mind muddle. And yeah! Don’t forget to react and comment.

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