10 Best Sniper Games For Android in 2018

Are you a Gamer and miss playing Sniper games on your Android phone? Well, no more sadness as we present you the list of Best Sniper Games for Android in 2018. You can download these shooter games and enjoy an amazing mobile gaming experience.

No matter how busy you’re, a game in your phone can easily draw your attention. To play a sniper game you need to keep your head calm while aiming and shooting. Video games have come a long way, since the simple arcade titles of the 1970s. Playing games helps you to ease your mind, in these sniper games, the goal is to avoid detection, use your special training to infiltrate, observe and kill the enemy before they shoot you. We are giving you the list of best Android sniper games that you can download for free and enjoy gaming right away.

10 Best Sniper games for Android

These sniper games for Android are selected in the list according to their reviews and feedback in playstore. We have made this top 10 list for your convenience. Here’s is the list.

1.Lone Wolf 17+

With more than 20 weapons to unlock, upgrade, and collect Lone Wolf 17+ has topped  our list of best 10 sniper games for android. There are more than 30 missions available with realistic weapons and sound effects.

The game highly amazing and could be taken as standard for the other sniper games. If you love graphics, then surely this game will impress you with its astonishing graphics. Meanwhile, the game has a story line which intrigues you to play and content is not suitable for kids.

Download Lone Wolf now.

2.Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper, this Android Sniper game has power to captivate you and can take you on a tour of criminal underworld. You’ll be seized in thrashing enemies at street level or dealing with high profile enemies. Over 50 crime shooting missions makes this game a strong contender in this list.

In terms of graphics the game has everything, one would surely praise the game. There are seven different realistic weapons which you can choose and upgrade to increase your calibre. Though, one would have to face some issues on 6th level of game.

Download Modern Sniper now.

3. Sniper Fury

Another gem from Gameloft and I think it can be placed on the top of the list. As the game has unbelievable 3D graphics which will ride your mind to the near future, from urban to exotic locations.

The presence of world-class soldiers, armored vehicles, guns and a lot more other things would definitely impress you. For those who want to play multiplayer mode, this game is a perfect answer, you steal resources from other players by breaking down their defenses. Meanwhile, you build your own security system to secure your loot.

Download Sniper Fury now.

4. Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D game is for those who only love aiming and shooting. It has great visuals and entertaining missions with critical time boundation.

You would really appreciate the graphics and cool animations. More than a hundred missions are available with tons of lethal guns and tanks. In PUP mode, you can prepare your gun and hunt your enemies. Data consumption is comparatively very less from other games in this list.

Download Sniper 3D now and playing the Best Sniper Games on Android.

5. Sniper X

Playing Sniper X gives you ultimate experience of shooting and aiming, you’ll be team up with Jason Stathan to fight against the unwanted forces of chaos.  With more than hundreds of military missions, it is incredible experience to eliminate your enemies.

You’ll be enthralled with your virtual vehicles, drones, weapons and a lot more other things. Zoom-in facility for aiming is appreciable and you can shoot your target with precision. Even the rewards on every killing is amazing. You can add up extra accessories by paying some real bucks.

Download Sniper X now.

6. Aim 2 Kill

Fighting criminals is something we all wanted to do in our childhood, this android sniper game is giving you an opportunity to save your virtual city and its citizens.

You’ll have to save military weapons and professional shooters from criminals.The game requires best skills of shooting and aiming with great presence of mind. The game is totally free but you can purchase impressive weapons.

Download Aim To Kill now.

7. Blazzing Sniper

If you’re looking for offline options then this game could be a suitable option for you. It gives you an experience of guerilla combat in mountain ranges, you can travel the whole world to combat terrorism, from beach mission to occupied buildings you can move through every possible environment to collect your vantage points.

From Graphics to a wide range of weapons everything is at its best to boost your gaming experience. It has unique sound effects and characters for every weapon.

Download Blazzing Sniper now.

8. Last Hope Sniper

The game is about zombies in which you can collect high scores by eliminating them. It gives you new experience in level, it needs your effort to find combinations of skills and items in order to combat zombies and become the best sniper in the league.

It also works in offline mode and there is leaderboard to inform you about your achievements and upcoming missions. You can easily upgrade weapons and meet the scariest zombies of the virtual world. Game has successfully managed to get a place in top 10 free Android sniper games due to various other features.

Download Last Sniper now.

9.Street Bank Robbery

Awesome Action Games has again proven its calibre by producing this impeccable sniper game. If you’re ready to be a commando and use your best combat skills then you should try  this game. In this game, you need to show your composure and use your zooming capability to shoot the conspirators trying to rob a bank.

Game is filled with thrilling experience and challenging missions. You’ll get a huge collection of guns and missiles with amazing sound effects.

Download Street Bank Robbery now.

10. Best Sniper 

 Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter 3D- screenshot

Do you want to bring down wild animals like dinosaurs and other abysmal animal?  If so, then this game has ability to meet your interest and shift your imagination from serenity to chaotic world.

You would have to save the world from impending apocalypse by performing given task with the help of deadly guns.Story lining of the game is epic and every mission is placed correctly in perfect order. You can earn bounties with your precise shooting talent. You can imagine the exotic experience of shooting dinosaurs in Jurassic locations. It’s really worth to download and play.

Download Best Sniper now.

Top 10 Free Android Sniper Games

So here are all Top Sniper Games for Android that we mentioned above. You can download Sniper Games Apk or directly install from Playstore.

  1. Lone Wolf 17+
  2. Modern Sniper
  3. Sniper Fury
  4. Sniper 3D
  5. Sniper X
  6. Aim 2 Kill
  7. Blazzing Sniper
  8. Last Hope Sniper
  9. Street Bank Robbery
  10. Best Sniper

Looking for more games, here a list of Games that don’t require Wifi.

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So these are some of the best Sniper games for Android that you can play anytime you want. We always try to help you with various piece of writing. We hope you like this writing and it would help you to choose right gaming battle. If you have any query or suggestion please leave a comment in comment box.

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