10 Best Sites To Watch Anime Online

If you’re up to watch your favorite of all time anime shows and need help to find which site is the best to watch anime, then you’re at right place. In this article, we will be listing the best sites to watch Anime online. 

The term Anime is based on Japanese animation series that focus mainly on entertainment and fiction. With ultimate graphics and themes, Anime is beloved by teens and adults too. If you want to consume your net connection in a good way, then start watching Anime online on the sites listed here, rather than downloading Anime!

10 Best Sites to Watch Anime Online

However, Watching tv shows and movies online on unpaid sites are mostly illegal. So I’ll list some legal sites also if you want to watch anime safe and secure.

  1. 9Anime
  2. kissAnime
  3. Chis-Anime
  4. Chrunchyroll
  5. FUNimationNow
  6. AnimeSeason
  7. Masterani
  8. GoGoAnime
  9. Daisuki
  10. AnimeHeaven

Now let’s have a detailed look on these sites to watch anime online.

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10 Best Anime Streaming Sites

You can enjoy your favorites Anime shows on these Anime streaming sites. We are sharing the sites for knowledge purposes only.

1. 9anime.to

If you’re in love with Anime and are a die-hard fan of it and yet don’t know a better place to watch your favorite show, then 9anime.to is the best destination to watch them. 9anime.to is one of the best anime streaming sites available on the internet.

The major problem while streaming anime are ads. 9anime.to is almost ad-free. Most of the sites aren’t capable to avail you dubbed anime. But, you can get many dubbed series only on 9anime.to! This website is also a good place to build a collection as one can easily download them. You just need to play the series and click on download option at the bottom of the embedded player.

visit 9Anime now

2. KissAnime.ru

KissAnime.ru is the crowned head among all the anime streaming websites! This website has made it possible for you to stream a huge variety of anime. KissAnime.ru has the largest number of fans (a huge fan ship) and rates highest in popularity among all the anime buffs.

KissAnime.ru is build and optimised in such a way that it consumes low internet connection, yet loads fully in the least 10 seconds.This site uploads anime series from low quality to high definition, from 144p to 1080p and is optimised for a wide array of devices.

Visit KissAnime now

3. Chia-Anime.tv

Chia-Anime.tv is another good website like KissAnime.ru to watch anime online for free. This site offers you access to all the popular and loved anime series of all time which lists this site into the top 10 anime streaming sites. This site is also a must visit because of its features, simplicity, and innovation which is always the top need in the modern world. world.

Update frequency of series is very high. The site updates the episodes of the anime 10 times faster than any other site. The site offers English subbed anime in high quality and can be streamed and easily downloaded with a single click.

Visit Chia-Anime now

4. Crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll is one of the best sites to Watch Anime online for free. It has more than 950 titles for viewers. it is the totally legal site. If some want to watch this site he has to pay.Its charge is very less that one can afford it. Crunchyroll has different categories at top of its home pages like shows, manga, news, forums, and premium.It displays all its features such as to be a hero,monster strike, Jojo’s bizarre adventure etc.when we are clicking on the title it shows a reel of episodes to choose from it when we are watching any of its site we can also check its reviews which enable us to understand the quality of the site.

Crunchyroll has an online store and it sells a character like marionettes and Blu ray DVDs for its viewers who love to collect stuff. as already we told that it charges for its view that is only $6.95, when you access, it provides all titles in HD without any interruption like you are not disturbing with any ads.if you don’t want to pay you can try its 14 days free trial after that you can cancel your subscription if you wish to do so. what a cool site is it.confidently one must satisfy with that site.

Visit Crunchyroll now

5. Funimation Now

FUNimation now, with its hard-work has now reached a phenomenal place in the world of anime. it is now a successful operating site in North America. Just like chronchyll, this site is also a legal site. Flaunting exemplary design and interface tabs like “whats new” “discover”,”shows”.

FUNimation has a very clear layout which helps the user in browsing faster and better. The site’s layout itself speaks “I provide categories and sub-categories, so enjoy easy surfing”. Just select the show you want to watch and enjoy. FUNimation is yet not complete with features, this site also provides you a store from where you can buy not only the latest videos but also anime accessories, toys, games and much more.

I don’t think anyone should let this site go. visit it once and then you’ll know what I’m saying.

Visit FunimationNow now.

6. AnimeSeason.com

AnimeSeason is a great free anime site. It has a list of anime series which includes popular shows like, Naruto, Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece, Reborn, Gintama, etc. The search brings you every shows whether subbed or not. You can use this site on your Laptop or Mobile, that too with HD quality. Plus, this app offers you the option to download your favorite show, so that you can watch it as many times as you wish without wasting your internet again and again. The best thing about this site is that you can watch older as well as new series.

Visit AnimeSeason here

7. Masterani.me

Masterani is a unique site to watch Anime online which provides you shows with English subtitles i.e, no matter if the show is in any other language, you can always enjoy your favorite shows with English subtitles. This site provides you nearly 2500 anime series and that too, in HD quality. You can search your favorite anime and can select from many genres like Action, Adventure, Super Power, Supernatural, Thriller, Vampire etc. So that you don’t have face problems while searching your favorite action, thriller, supernatural shows as you’ll already have these genres on the site.

Watch anime online with just one click on the Start Button.

Visit Masetarani now

8. GoGoAnime.io

GoGoAnime is not only a site now, to provide their user unlimited anime experience, they now provide anime in their very own app as well. The best part of this app is, it is supported in IOS as well as in Android. So that you can watch your favorite anime in any kind of mobile device. GoGoAnime has an ‘Anime List’, ‘New Seasons’, ‘Movies’, and ‘popular’ on its home Page. It’s thumbnail shows all its episode number which are classified under recent release and dub. Dub is a feature which provides world wide users, dubbed in English’ and enable every user to enjoy anime series. This app also provides you a download option which lets you download your favorite shows.

The best features of GoGoAnime is that it not only offers anime series but also has full-length movies, comics, manga, cartoon, for its user.

VISIT GoGoAnime now

9. Daisuki

Daisuki was introduced by a Japanese anime production enterprise. It is a totally legal site. It offers the user online streaming of their favorite shows, anime and much more.

Not only this, Daisuki provides you a premium option which lets you open a better world of anime. Plus, it is not expensive, you can pay negligible money for better surfing. Once you subscribe yourself with the premium option you can watch all its popular, classic, exclusive anime series.
Just like other anime sites, it also has a feature of “download your most favorite series” to watch you favorite shows/series later by adding it to your personal favorite list. This is the quality site and at very fair price.You can enjoy this site the most by watching your favorite anime.

Visit Daisuke now


AnimeHeaven just like other site provides you free anime streaming. You can find your favorite anime series, cartoon, movies here, for free! Well, What makes this site different from other sites is its rating system. Yes! This app provides you the option to rate and review shows, with that said you can also decide a show with respect to its review. As review makes it easy to judge a show or series. This site is supported  It is well compatible with your Windows 7/8/10 and Mac computer. What’s more, Anime Heaven has an obvious advantage that it allows users to download the favorite anime to a computer with different video quality.

So, don’t sit behind, go anime. Visit AnimeHeaven now.

These were some of the best sites you’ll find to watch anime series. We have mentioned every single feature you might expect from these sites. So, do try these sites and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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