10 Best Screenshot Apps For Android

Looking for Best Screenshot apps for Android? Here’s an article showcasing 10 Best & Free Screenshot for Android.

“A picture is worth 1000 words”. I think this quote is relevant to explain the importance of screenshot. You all must have experienced the frustration in while trying to explain something to someone. Nowadays, it’s easy to explain your technical and non-technical problems with the use of screenshots. The term screenshot states “capturing what’s on your screen of pc or smartphone”.

However, screenshot feature is kind of in-built in every android or ios phones but a well-designed application makes your screenshot more useful. Applications enables you to select particular area of your interest while taking a shot. You can also enhance and adjust your images with tools of croping, adding text, changing formats and many other things.

Taking screenshot on android phones is easy-peasy, just press the volume down and power button at once. Similarly for ios users, just press the home and sleep/awake button simultaneously.

10 Best Screenshot Apps For Android

So, here is the quick rundown of screenshot apps available to give you a fine experience of recording or capturing your screen.

1. Screenshot

 Screenshot- screenshot

One of the most decent screenshot app in your playstore. You can show cool stuffs or important technical/non-technical information to your friends by using this app. It takes a second and very simple steps to grab a shot of your screen without compromising with the quality.

Apart from that, you can choose the path to save your screenshot, you can also use cloud store for afterwards. Suppose, If you need to trim your image, Sreenshot has best simple and amazing tools which would appear instantly after every shot.

Download Screenshot now.

2. Screengrabber

With bigger phones capturing screenshot is very difficult and requires your both hand and you might have experienced that it disturbs your screen’s content. Now just drop every technique you know and install this application.

Screengrabber is so handy that it allows capturing with one tap on your screen. You can place the app’s icon anywhere on your screen for your convenience. Though, the app has focused more on sharing ability but allows you basic tools of editing.

Download Screen Grabber now.

3. Apowersoft screenshot

What if you’ll have to screenshot an entire webpage? Okay, now you have an option to shot an entire webpage with Apowersoft as it has in-built browser. Apowersoft, has ability to perform basic editing and sharing tools to tune your image for its best use.

Download Apowersoft now and start taking full scroll screenshots on Android phone.

4.Perfect Screenshot

For your ultimate experience of screenshots, this app is reliable and worth to try. It has material Design Ux with numerous customisation options to showcase your screenshot.

Uncommonly, you can take 3D shot of your subject. App has capability to elevate your screenshot with features like chameleon frame, frame positioning ,frame opacity and optional blur. Don’t worry about your device configuration as it can work on any device.

Download Perfect Screenshot now.

5. Screenshot Snap 

Don’t just rely on your memory, use this amazing screenshot apps for Android for better management of your screenshots. This full fledged app offers you to capture, edit and share your screenshots. Meanwhile, Snap gives you a set  of creative tools for editing through which you can even add text to your shot.

App has ability to capture image with your in-built camera. Besides these features, you can upload your unique content easily and share links with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platform.

Download Screen Snap now.

6. Screenshot Capture

If you don’t want complex features in screenshot apps then go for screenshot Capture. It uses simplest and easiest way to capture, edit, and share your screen with anyone.

You’ll get an icon on your screen which would allow you to grab your screen by tapping or shaking. Applying themes on your screenshot is rare feature you’ll get in other apps. More importantly you’ll be notified after every shot.

Download Screenshot Capture now.

7. Screencapture

 ScreenCapture- screenshot

Again this is a simple and credible app in the list which could meet your demand. Although, it uses simple technology but doesn’t t tamer your image quality.

One thing this app has special that sets it apart from competitors: the ability to record video of your screen. However. the basic features are available like screen casting, editing tools and adding text with noticeable quality.

Download Screencapture now.

8. Easy Screenshot

 Easy Screenshot (capture/memo)- screenshot

If your current app snag while finding screenshot in your device and you have to navigate back to gallery every time you take screenshot then this is a viable option for you. Now you won’t need to complicate your work, on this app image would automatically appear on your screen.

Though, it has focused more on snapchat users but provides you impeccable features including customising your status bar and changing size and formats your image. You’ll get special gallery with this app to save your time and work. Just launch the app and press start icon, it would work as standby. Go to your playstore and experience the best features.

Download Easy Screenshot now.

9. Screenshot Ultimate 

Due to some advance features Screenshot Ultimate has made into the list which includes 16 multiple ways to capture your screen which is amazing and unique in this league. So that you can take a screenshot like no other app will.

It’s one of the complete app which champions your sharing, drawing and adding text need. Surprisingly, you can send multiple images to your friends at the same time. And Screenshot Ultimate supports both rooted and non-rooted phones, however, you might need to run a small app on your pc to use this app on non-rooted phone.

Download Screenshot Ultimate now.

10. Super Screenshot

 Super Screenshot- screenshot

This little app has ability to compete with advance app. Most importantly it hooks better with your device for default use. Unlike other apps it doesn’t require root access of your device.

As soon as you take a shot, you’ll get an editing interface which would allow you to crop, resize, draw and use multiple themes available for free. Though, it works slightly different for Samsung and non-Samsung users.

Download Super Screenshot now.

Top Android Screenshot apps

So here’s the final list of 10 Cool Screenshot Apps for Android.

  1. Screenshot
  2. Screen Grabber
  3. Apowersoft screenshot
  4. Perfect Screenshot
  5. Screenshot Snap
  6. Screenshot Capture
  7. Screencapture
  8. Easy Screenshot
  9. Screenshot Ultimate
  10. Super Screenshot

So, now you have a complete list of best 10 screenshot apps for Android. Now don’t waste your time, just click the given link and try these apps, according to their mentioned features and your requirements.

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