10 Best Podcast Apps For Android and iOS 2018

If you prefer “geek-speak” and pride yourself in public then you’re on the right page. Podcasting seems to be growing trend that is here to stay long. Have you thought to about starting your own? If so, here’s what I dug up for you, the Best Podcast Apps of 2018.

It just requires one-two equipment to start your own podcast and for listing, there are tons of applications. You might already know a lot of podcast apps but we picked some best user-friendly and advanced podcast apps. Hope this helps!

In technical terms, a podcast is an audio file made available on the internet through RSS feed. Podcasting offers a variety of content for listeners to consume how they want when they want. It has the ability to cater a huge variety of new and interesting content for users on the internet. There are no any restrictions on a podcast, you can broadcast any format and numerous content ranging from movies to technology, to politics and anything in your mind.

For those who want to listen to some best and trending podcasts, we have picked some trending podcasts. You can subscribe these channels for interesting and less commercialized content.

  • Our Last Week
  • SynTalk
  • Cyrus Says
  • Cyrus Says
  • The Real Food Podcast
  • The Fan Garage
  • The Indian Startup Show
  • All India Backchod

10 Best Podcast Apps 2018

If you’re used to the sound of your own or want to explore more on the internet for entertainment then, here’s the list of 10 best podcast apps which you can use anytime anywhere.

1. CastBox

CastBox, an eminent name in the podcasting world due to its phenomenal podcasting features. If you dream about podcast then surely, it has caliber to endeavor your dream. You can really enjoy numerous podcasts in this application. It has the simplest interface in comparison to other in this league. If you’re an amateur, don’t hesitate you’ll not face a single problem in finding a particular podcast.

With a wide range of podcasts, it stands very steady on this list of top free podcast apps. Isn’t it great that you can customise your playlist and take subscriptions of podcasters/channels with a single click? Meanwhile, you can listen your favorite in 70 different languages. And if you’re a podcaster, you can upload or record your audio content via mobile in very little time. It’s worth to mention that you can share your favorite podcast with your friends.

Download CastBox.

2. Doggcatcher Podcast Player

Doggcatcher was launched for those who are passionate about podcasting and you can say it has successfully established itself in this business. You can find your podcasts and news feeds very easily. Here, you can easily subscribe new podcasts, customise playlists and download new podcasts. Apart from this, you can browse Top 100 Doggcatcher podcast for free.

Uniquely, it has battery and data friendly plan which controls the limit of downloading based on network/power connections. For creative thinkers, they can upload there podcast after purchasing the application from the store.

Download Doggcathcer.

3. Google Play Music(and YouTube)

One of the Best Podcast Apps for Android !!

Google Play Music, it must be a familiar name for every android users for music streaming. However, it works fine as a podcast application. You can listen to 10000 podcasts with amazing quality. It’s a mega boom for you, you can listen to music and switch to podcast anytime. Though Play Music is free with ads and to remove ads you’ll have to spend some bucks to purchase the premium version.

Download Google Play.

4. Pocket Cast

With the tons of elegant features, Pocket Cast is definitely worth to have on your phone. You would love the commendable collection of a variety of podcasts in different categories. It has features including variable playback controls, chromecast support, android wear support, cloud syncing and many more. You can customise your settings for downloading a podcast on wi-fi or mobile data. At the same time, you’ll get a very clean and intuitive interface which helps you to find everything. Finally, purchasing this software isn’t a bad idea.

Download Pocket Casts.

5. Podcast Addict

Looking for free podcast application? You can rest your hunt here, Podcast Addict is a viable option for you. There isn’t anything wrong with this software. It has a massive collection podcast, it can browse your desired content very easily.

With this application, you can customise playback speed, volume boost, playlist and many advanced features. Surprisingly, it supports YouTube and Twitch channels. Although, the app is free but contains too much ads which is a downside.

Download Podcast Addict.

6. Podcast Go

You can explore 300,000 podcast shows by popular categories such as comedy, music, news, games and so on. Podcast Go is one of the elegant software in this arena with all basic stuffs like simple interface, speed rate control, customised playlist and material design. You can search in leisure time and listen any trending podcast to refresh yourself. Application is free with ads and to remove you’ll have to purchase it.

Download Podcast Go.

7. Stitcher Radio For Podcast

Stitcher, an unique application which has blended different content into one platform. You’ll get news, comedy, sports, radio talks and podcasts. You can stream or download over 65000 podcasts for offline listening. Meanwhile, it would notify you on the arrival of new podcast or trending podcast on social media. It’s the best way to connect with the world of podcasting along with news and different forms of entertainment. Excessive ads complaints from users is kind of drawback for this application.

Download Stitcher.

8. Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud one of the largest platform for podcast and music listeners. There are 120 million podcast and music from emerging and established artists. Its enormous catalogue lets you discover amazing podcast from comedy to news. Though, application is for music, thus the design isn’t over friendly for podcast. But it gives you opportunity to download tracks for offline use.

Download Sound Cloud.

9.  Spotify

Anther music streaming app which has stared podcasting lately. Undoubtedly, the app is great for music listening but you won’t get abundant podcast. App has admirable interface for music streaming. The application is free and available for both android and ios.

Download Spotify.

10. TuneIn Radio

A popular radio application out there. It has focused a lot on radio talk shows and other genre of radio programs. However, the app also offers you podcast, audio books, radio stations and live sporting events. Due to variety of contents it has made special entry in our list of podcast apps.

Download TuneIn.

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Best Podcast Apps for Android

  1. CastBox
  2. Doggcatcher Podcast Player
  3. Google Play Music(and YouTube)
  4. Pocket Cast
  5. Podcast Addict
  6. Podcast Go
  7. Sticher Radio For Podcast
  8. Sound Cloud
  9. Spotify
  10. TuneIn Radio

So, this was the list of best podcast apps iPhone and Android. Now move away from the erratic chatter of radio channels and switch to podcasts. To subscribe a podcast, tap Subscribe on the page for that podcast. To play a podcast, tap on any episode. If you have anything in your mind about this writing leave a comment.

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