10 Best Paranormal Apps for Ghost Hunting

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Do you remember when you were a kid and threatened by your parents or tv serials or movies in the name of ghosts? It’s okay, if you have forgotten all those things that phase was ok to be threatened as you were a kid, but now you can check the existence of ghost with some exceptionally well designed paranormal apps available for your android device. And if you’re a fan of paranormal events then these apps can double your excitement and give you better experience in this business.

These paranormal apps uses scanners, radar and sensors. Now, almost every smartphones are equipped with accelerometer to detect acceleration, gyroscopes to detect rotational movement, barometer to measure atmospheric pressure and other detectors to measure humidity or temperature. For ghost hunting, all these aforementioned parameters or indicators works as indicative elements. So, if you’re looking for true instrument or application just make sure it has all these indicators.

Meanwhile, some of the paranormal apps are completely built for fun. You can’t use them in serious ghost hunting ride. These apps looks pretty cool and fun to use and here’s a tip for you, use these apps for entertainment purpose only, don’t take these paranormal apps seriously and hung up on them. Because, if you’ll focus to much on these things, you’ll draw imaginary characters or events around you which would disturb or distract your mind.

So, if you’re ready to check ghost under your bed or in room, we’re giving you a complete list of best paranormal apps for your android device.

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10  Best Paranormal Apps

Here’s your best paranormal apps which you can use for fun purpose. These apps are completely free to download and use.

1. Pairs Spirit Box

A result of collective work by paranormal researchers from 3 countries including Spain, UK and India. This app is built due to efforts of Spain Paranormal, Soul Seekers UK and Parapsychology and Investigation & Research Society of India.

In terms of feature, the app has vast library of audios from epic battle of the Mahabharat to the oldest manuscript of hinduism like the Vedas. Meanwhile, the app contains videos related to paranormal activity to explain in depth about the presence of spirit. So, if you’re on serious mission of ghost hunting this would probably help you to identify various paranormal symptoms or activity.

Download Pairs Spirit Ghost.

2. Ghost Detector Radar

If you want to have fun while ghost hunting then you’re on the right page and this application is meant for you. Here, you can use your camera with enhanced night mode which would allow you to track paranormal things going around you. So, just install this easy to use app and walk around until you find a ghost. To boost your fun and excitement, you can type a question and wait for the spirit to answer.

Download Ghost Detector Radar.

3. Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner

Another application in this row for serious ghost or spirit hunting. As it’s clear from its name, the app is specially developed to measure electromagnetic fields. For those who doesn’t know EMF, it’s physical field produced by electrically charged objects. Like other fundamental forces of nature, it’s sciencetifically proved and paranormal researchers believes that spirit or ghost can emanate, influence and distort magnetic fields. Though, app is bit tough to learn initially but once you would be familiar with feature it’s worthy to use. Here, you can swipe and zoom in the EMF diagrams. The application has clean interface with all professional tools to capture paranormal activity.

Download EMF Recorder.

4. EVP Recorder

A well known app for recording paranormal sounds. The app simply records sounds and saves in EVP folder which you can extract and convert into mp3 format for other use. Most importantly, it allows you to record sounds in various sessions and examine every recorded sound with amazing clarity. Though, using this app is pretty much easy and requires very less effort.

Download EVP Recorder.

5. Paranormal Window

Do you have any question in your mind about paranormal activity? If yes, then this application has great potential to provide every answer related to paranormal world. The app doesn’t track ghost but gives you all information about paranormal phenomenon. Just take your phone and download this interesting app and get your answers. Differently, this well built application gives you information about UFO and eventually updates you with news of paranormal activity coming from different parts of worlds.

Download Paranormal Window.

6. Ghost Finder

Ghost Finder, another application for fun or prank lovers. This application is solely made for entertainment not for any detecting paranormal activity. Application uses sophisticated algorithms to create a spoof detection of ghosts. For better prank experience you can detect words or phrases that may come from another world. Besides these things, there are loads of features for pranksters.

Download Ghost Finder.

7. Ghost Camera Photo

Want to see how you’ll look after turning into a ghost? Try this amazing app. The application is incredibly easy to use and learn. All you need is to take picture from your camera or upload from gallery and apply various unusual or disturbing effects to look scary. Though, you select various pose like typical filmy ghosts. If you have any picture of your friend just upload it and make them ghost for fun.

Download Ghost Photo.

8. Ghost Hunting Toolkit

 SGK1 - Ghost Hunting Kit- screenshot

This paranormal app gives you all essential tools for investigating paranormal activity. It gives you an array of features for carrying out a full fledged investigation. Meanwhile, it has very clean and intuitive interface.

Download Ghost Hunting.

9. Ghost Radar Classic

With all classic elements for ghost hunting this application has done remarkable job in tracing paranormal phenomenon. Here, you’ll get to know about paranormal activities and analyze them through various readings and indicators. Though, the app gives you no guarantee of accuracy, so you won’t get any verified results.

Download Radar Classic.

10. Ghost Radar Legacy

With more advanced and improved features this app is updated version of Ghost Radar Classic. Certainly, due to more update features it’s giving you more possibilities in ghost hunting. Using this application is an easy task, as it has simple interface. Once you’ll install this app you can setup options according to your need. Trying this app isn’t a bad idea.

Download Ghost Radar Legacy.

Top 10 Ghost Hunting Apps 

Here’s the quick rundown of best and real ghost hunting apps that you can use to spot ghost near you.

  1. Pairs Spirit Box
  2. Ghost Detector Radar
  3. Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner
  4. EVP Recorder
  5. Paranormal Window
  6. Ghost Finder
  7. Ghost Camera Photo
  8. Ghost Hunting Toolkit
  9. Ghost Radar Classic
  10. Ghost Radar Legacy

So, what are you waiting for? Now, you have got a list of 10 best paranormal apps, just check ghost behind your room’s door or under your bed. And share your experience with us, if you have any suggestion or query, leave a comment below.

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