10 Best Karaoke Apps for Android in 2018

Karaoke is really a priceless gift for all music lovers, no matter if you are a music student or a bathroom singer. Imagine you are in a Farewell Party and everyone is singing a particular song, But you are standing like an odd one out because of your irrelevant or bad rhythm. After you go through this list of 10 best Karaoke apps for Android, you will definitely install and start singing songs on the karaoke.

So don’t you feel like singing? Like trying at least once? Don’t you want to feel the enjoyment of singing a song that you love listening? Well, we all do. Here’s an article for you. 😉

Top 10 Best Karaoke Apps for Android

Karaoke is a technology that helps us in this. With recent advancements in mobile apps there have been numerous great Karaoke apps that are out there in the market for you to install and use.

In this post, you can find 10 Best Karaoke app for Android that you must try atleast once.

1. Christmas Carol Karaoke App

Well, Christmas may not be the upcoming event but singing Christmas Carol is always an awesome thing. Preparing yourself for a Christmas Party in advance in a great thought and this is one of the best karaoke Android apps. It will help you like a teacher.

You can use it in offline mode and along with internet connection, you will not have to face any kind of annoying ads.

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2. Musical.ly

Let me tell you honestly, it is not exactly a karaoke app but a bit more.

You can sing and even make your own music videos from a huge list of songs to sing along. Moreover, you can create your own Musical.ly profile and post your videos on it.

It also allows you to share your videos on other social media networks. The feature that I love the most is that you can create lip sync video clips which will make you feel like a music star. With so many awesome features it had to be included in this list of top 10 best karaoke Android apps.

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3. Karaoke Sing – Record

The next one in this best karaoke Android apps list is a Karaoke King because of its wide range of latest karaoke songs which are available to sing.

You can even check your singing voice by the score you received. The main features include saving recorded songs to your device and also using them as a ringtone.

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4. Karaoke Cloud

Karaoke Cloud is an app with a great user interface and a cool design style. You can choose a song or video to sing along from a huge list. It has Various genres like Rock, Blues, and R&B. Moreover, they update their list every week.

You can enjoy the 7-day free trial and then you’ll need to pay a $9.99 fee per month to unlock the pro features. It also features Chromecast support which means you can stream the songs to your television to sing along.

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5. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

Nowadays, chromecast support with an app is great news but it will become greater when you don’t have to pay monthly subscription fee. This app contains nearly 90,000 songs from all genres and countries. You can even add sound effects to your voice which will shape your song like a diamond.

The most awesome feature is that you can sing with other people also, just like a duet. Isn’t this app one of the best karaoke apps on the playstore.

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6. Sing Karaoke

Honestly, Sing Karaoke is a simple but powerful and one of the best Karaoke app with all necessary features you need. You can easily select your favorite one from a wide range of songs.

It also supports the option to record your song and listen to it later, whenever you want.

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7. Karaoke Sing & Record

This one should be known as the king of the best looking Karaoke apps in Play Store. Each song is characterized according to its category, which makes easier for you to search a particular song. Every song has an option ‘sing’ in front of it, you can tap on it to start singing. There is also an audio enhancing option to make your voice a better.

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8. Musixmatch Lyrics 

As you guessed from the name, this is not a proper Karaoke app but when it comes to singing, you must know the lyrics. That’s why it deserves to be on this list.

Musixmatch Lyrics features a huge list of songs with lyrics. It supports streaming music apps like Google Play Music and Spotify so that you can sing along the song, lyrics start displaying on the screen within the start of the song.

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9. The Voice: On Stage – Sing!

The Voice is an app of a popular TV show which gives you a feeling to sing like you are singing on a stage yourself.

It has a never ending list of songs as they update it every day. You can record your songs and share it on a number of social media apps. It also supports feature to create your own “The Voice” profile where you can share your songs and can follow others to watch their song videos too.

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10. Smule Sing!

Now, last but not the least, Smule Sing allows you to choose from thousands of popular songs. It supports some awesome features like audio effect enhancements, recording songs, and duet option in which you can sing along with your friends and family. You can even collaborate with featured artists out there.

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So there were the top 10 Free Karaoke Apps for Android. Do install them all and start singing your favorite songs. We will be posting a list of best Karaoke apps for iOS soon. So till then stay tuned to AmazingTop10 !!

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