10 Best Hookup Apps for Android & iOS in 2018

Nowadays you don’t need to buy a girl a drink to get along as the days of heading to a bar or club has also gone. Today you can choose your potential partners by just scrolling or swiping on the popular hookup apps. We have almost all amenities at our fingertips, and now with the help of these 10 best Hookup apps, you can come in touch with people looking to get hooked up as well in your nearby location. With the support of these power dating apps, you can even think of getting laid and enjoy a casual fling if you do not want to get into anything serious.

Best Hookup Apps

In this article, we have covered the 10 best hookup apps or top dating apps that will add a little fantasy in your romance.

Coffee Meets Bagel

The first in our list is Coffee Meets Bagel. The app is as interesting and unique as its name. Here you can find your Bagel from a list of some pre-selected matches that the app brings for you. And you can respond to an invitation within 24 hours to make further meeting plans.

The Coffee Meets Bagel app might look like a reminiscent of the father of all dating apps, Tinder but it gives you a little edge over it. The selection process of this app lets you ask some pre-selected questions to the other person helping you know their likes and dislikes. Women have the final say and approve their Bagels.

Android users can download this dating app from here.

The iOS users can get it from this link.


Another free app available for the Android and iOS users is Pure. You will find it on every list of such apps as it is different from the other hookup apps. This dating app believes in “We promote a love making positive-attitude, free of judgment and the weight of social constraints.”

With this app, you can get hooked up instantly as Pure is known for getting laid and one night stands. Pure is unlike any other dating apps that delete all the photos that you share within an hour and so you can share unlimited naughty pictures without any worry. Lastly, its no pre-chat options keeping your first meet fresh and spontaneous makes it one of the best hookup apps of today.

Android users can get Pure, the dating app from Google Play Store. Or Download it from here.

Download this app for one night stands on your iOS device from App Store. Click Here.


If you just got dumped and looked for some fun, then Tingle is the dating app that will help you hook up with someone who too awaits to get hooked up in your nearby locality.

Tingle is a hot dating app in the US and is also a huge hit in UK and Canada as well. One of the reasons behind such popularity is the security and privacy it offers to girls. It allows you to place video calls and voice calls with people in your area you want to go out with. If you like a person, then you can show our interest in them by swiping up, and swipe down if you dislike the person. Both Android and iOS users can get the opportunity of one night stands with Tingle.

Android Users can download Tingle from this link.

To download Tingle, iOS users click here.


The next on our list of free hookup apps is OkCupid which works on a smart interface based on maths. Here you can rate the profile of different users and broadcasts the suggestions of your date. This app is as amazing and useful as the other dating apps with appreciable speed and readability.

The OkCupid app lets you know more about the person you are interested in which is different from Tinder giving it an edge over it. Also, you get notified if someone checks out your profile so that you can start your serious relationship or the casual fling you want quickly. Its massive user base and dating tools make this dating app one of the best hookup apps on Android and iOS. It comes with appealing Features like “Flavors” with integrated Instagram and personality quiz options.

Android Users can download OkCupid from Google Play Store. OkCupid download link.

The iOS users can download the app from here, now.


If you like your friend’s friend and want to start your relationship with him or her, then Skout can be of great help. The next app in our list of top hookup apps helps you in finding a person with whom you share similar interest.

Its work pattern involves two different communities one for adults and the other for teens. The minimum age of the user for the teen community is thirteen, which sometimes intimidate some people. The interface of Skout is fun and user-friendly, combined with features like the pre-chat option, shake to chat and the ability to control your location.

Android users can get the Skout app by clicking the given link.

For iOS users- Download Skout here.


In the list of best hook up apps 2018, Blendr deserves a place. The interface of Blendr is simple and works like other dating apps like Coffee Meets Bagel or Tinder. It uses the GPS system to find people near you looking for love or getting laid. And the impressive part associated with Blendr is that you need not require an account on the social media or various networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Y

ou can use a fake picture or even keep your picture private if you do not want to share anything personal with the other person till you reach your comfort level. Like other dating apps, Blendr too is freely available for the Android and iOS users, a perfect combination of other dating apps.

For Android users: Blendr Download.

For iOS users- Click here to download Blendr.



Another free dating app that you will find on every list of best hookup apps reddit is “Down.” You might remember Down by its previous name- Bang with Friends. It is one of the app for hookup  where you can bang your Facebook friends or the friends of your buddies.

And from being a useful app for straight people looking for one night stands, it is also famous in the gay and lesbian association. And if your stars happen to be in our favor, then you might get a positive reply from the other end and who knows you might have an unforgettable one night stand. Apart from the mushy dates, you can also enjoy the sexy interface.

Download the dating app Down for Android

The iOS users can get the Down app from Here.


The next in this list of best hookup apps is for those who are interested in one night stands. This app is a bit kinkier than the other dating apps. You can feel free to send those naughty and sexy pics to the other person. And you don’t have to worry as Whiplr gives you the right to delete the pictures according to your wish.

The app is available for free for both Android and iOS users. With Whiplr you can directly jump to the dirty talking, without getting into the preliminaries. So if you can’t wait, then Whiplr is best one for your desire of one night stands.

The Android users can download Whiplr app through the APK file

For iOS, download the Whiplr app from this link.



Another app that you can try from our list of best hookup apps 2018 is Bumble. Bumble app follows the life cycle pattern of Honeybee where the women behave like the Queen bee and make the first move towards the men she finds attractive. Just like the other dating apps, it also finds potential lovers around you using the Bumble app.

This app applies different rules to the same sex and heterosexual communities. Also since the men do not have charge of approaching to any women, they might not like it. But still, Bumble is worth giving a try as women love this app for being reliable and safe. It increases your chances of getting laid.

Android users can get the Bumble hookup app easily. Download now.

The iOS users can get Bumble from the App Store. Clik here to download.


The last in our list is the father of all dating apps and hookup apps. Yes, it is Tinder. This free and user-friendly hookup apps gained popularity lately. It offers people looking for serious relationships, casual flings and even one night stands. One of the main features of this fantastic dating app is that your hookup choices remain hidden from your Facebook friends.

It offers high privacy and security in such cases. Available for free for both iOS and Android users, Tinder is one of the top used hookup apps. It also works on GPS system. By swiping to the right side on a picture, you can express your interest in someone. While swiping left you reject a person. One of the drawbacks is you cannot undo the accidental swipes, but who knows the one you were hiding from seeks you.

Download Tinder, one of the best apps for Android from

The iOS users can get this hookup app from, here.

List of Top Hookup Apps

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel
  2. Pure
  3. Tingle
  4. OkCupid
  5. Skout
  6. Blendr
  7. Down
  8. Whiplr
  9. Bumble
  10. Tinder

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So here are the top 10 apps that might even get you the love of your life. But if you do not want a serious relationship, then do not fear to use them. They are the best one-night stand apps and helpful in getting laid as well. So guys and girls, pick up your phone and get into the game.

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