10 Best Hairstyle Apps for Android in 2018

Are you bored with your hairstyle or just want to switch to a new look? If yes, then you’re on the right page. Here, we are giving you best hairstyle apps for Android phone. But before let me tell you something important about hair.

Hairs are one of the most important parts of your body which to an extent reflects your personality. However, most of us tend to neglect our hair and instead concentrate on our face or physique. We feel that it’s fine as long as we don’t make them terrible.

But you might be right for 60s and 70s, now we are living in most dynamic phase of human development and there are apps to take care your body parts including face and hair. And if you’re unaware of these interesting apps then surely you’re missing a great opportunity to enhance your beauty and personality.

Now, with these incredibly easy to use apps we can do so much with our hair or face without wasting our precious time. Here, we are talking about hairstyle apps which helps you to manage your looks/hairs according to your personality and face.

You might be thinking what’s the big deal and why you should use these hairstyle apps. We are giving you few reasons.

  • to enhance your personality and beauty.
  • avoid any idiotic look which may look good on others.
  • to save your time for your next visit to hair salon.

So, with these hairstyle apps, you can know which hairstyle suits you. Just take your phone and try these amazing apps.

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10 Best Hairstyle Apps

Here’s the list of best hairstyle apps which you’re looking for. These apps are free to download and use but some of them contain ads and works only with internet.

1. Hair Style Mirror

With more than 100 haircuts for women in different categories including long, medium and short this application works fluidly on any android devices. Though, it takes some patience to get hair positioned correctly but once you’ll learn positioning it’s best in the box of hairstyle apps. Here, you can resize or customise every given hairstyle including colour, length and shape.

Application has stressed more on giving realistic result for your hairstyle and this makes it different in this league.Using this application is pretty easy, you can use your fingers to locate or apply colours on your selected image and if you’re using it via camera then fix the hairstyle and move your face to position it properly.

Download Hair Style Mirror.

2. Boys Hairstyle Photo Editor

This is probably the Best Hairstyle app for Men!!

The application contains latest and new stylish hair style design with additional moustache, beard and goggles. As it clears from name, application is for men/boys and has wide range of men hairstyle in all categories.

It’s easy to find modern or trendy hairstyle for men according to their face cutting. All you need is to take your image from gallery and upload it. Now, there you’ll get plenty of modern or traditional hairstyle that you can try on your photo. And if you’re a tattoo lover, you can customise tattoo and apply it on your photo.

Download Boys Photo Editor.

3. Virtual Hairstyle

Simple Hairstyle app for girls!!

Yet another well organised app in this business for men and women. It helps you to grab a new look and to check out what you would look with it. The application is incredibly easy to use both male and female users, it has two separate sections for male and female. The application gives you 50+ hairstyles. With this app, you would definitely get the idea of different looks. Additionally, you can embellish your hair with stickers.

Download Virtual Hairstyle.

4. Hairstyle Fun & Fashion

You can judge the application yourself as it has more than million users in different countries. This astonishing app lets you to check out how you would look in different hair style.  You can take photo of yourself or friends and explore enormous hairstyles.

It could save your time that you would spend in salon with hairdresser. Meanwhile, using application is very easy, you’ll have to choose a photo from library and position in the frame to apply hairstyles. At the same, you can share it with friends to get suggestion over your look.

Download Hairstyle Fun.

5. Hairstyle Makeover

Another app for hair lovers available on both platform-android and ios. This application is one of the most user friendly application for your hairstyle. You can easily match the hairstyle to your photo after tapping and dropping on the selected hairstyle.

The application consists a reasonable and realistic hairstyle to make you look more real and professional. Though, free version gives you only 5 samples of each style, to get full access you’ll have to make in-app purchase.

Download Makeover.

6. Hairstyle & Haircut

A cool Hairstyle app for Men and boys.

Hairstyle and Haircuts is next in our list of applications. Unlike Makeover, it gives you 1000+ photo haircuts for free. However, it works slight differently, here you can use choose the and download it to show your hairdresser. Exceptionally, it updates its catalogue frequently which gives you more range of hairstyle.

Download Hairstyle & Haircut.

7. Magic Mirror

A popular hairstyle app to change your look. The app allows you to experiment on you face with fascinating and new hairstyles. You can compare between different style on you at once. And the app has very simple and interface with less but effective tools.

Download Magic Mirror.

8.  Hair Salon

Another app ready to help you out with unique and creative hairstyles. The erratic app features live characters which helps you with scissors and comb to get a decent look. Like Magic, you can save and share your edited image with your friends for fun.

Download Hair Salon.

9. Hair Colour Change Real

Though, the app has quite negative reviews but it has some important features which makes it unique among these app. You can give a new colour to your hair on your photo. And most importantly, it allows you to apply colour to desired region. You can use this application for fun and share with your location.

Download Hair Colour.

10. Ultimate Haistyle Try

Do you want to get look of your favourite celebrity? if so, then hurry up and get this application on your android application. The app has hairstyle of different celebrity which you can apply on yourself. Though, it requires a lot of work to compete with others in the list.

Download Ultimate Hairstyle.

Top 10 Best Hairstyle Apps for Android

Here’s the list of best hairstyle apps.

  1. Hair Style Mirror
  2. Boys Hairstyle Photo Editor
  3. Virtual Hairstyle
  4. Hairstyle Fun & Fashion
  5. Hairstyle Makeover
  6. Hairstyle & Haircut
  7. Magic Mirror
  8. Hair Salon
  9. Hair Color Change Real
  10. Ultimate Haistyle Try

This was the complete list of best hairstyle apps for Android, now use these apps to augment your beauty and personality. If you have any suggestion to add please leave a comment below.

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