Top 10 Free Painting Softwares for Windows in 2018

Painting is one of the oldest form of art, in fact when societies began to craft weapons or tools and making fire, the also had a shot to represent the era in the form of paintings. We can witness the venture in archaic cave paintings that still exists today. The art of depicting the emotion has evolved through hieroglyphics of ancient civilisation to elegant painting softwares with realistic facsimile of watercolours, oils, pastels, charcaol and many more. These programes are completely free and and offers you a direct control over your virtual tools.

You can accomplish natural and professional results with latest painting softwares which works in fluently in three dimensions. Now, everyone has opportunity to become a digital artist and exhibit own art to this world. So, if you’re ready to mount yourself as a digital artist then surely this writing will help you to achieve your dream.

Best Painting Softwares

Though, there are appreciable number of painting softwares available, we have posted 10 best digital painting platforms for you. Here’s the list of painting softwares.

1. Krita

An intuitive software for professionals, you can imagine the perfectness of this software as it’s developed by a professional artist. This software is for illustrators, matte and texture artists with additional animation features. With every common and innovative features Kriti helps amateur and professionals to render their original or derivative work.

Meanwhile, it has been maturing from 10 long years to equipped itself with every tools that would enrich your work. Interface is amiable, you can move dockers and panels to increase your workflow. Don’t you worry about your shaky hands, you can stablize your brush in three different ways. Picking colors and brushes is very simple and you can customise your brush over unique engines.

Download Krita.

2. Artweaver

Artweaver is next major programe in the list after Kriti with many advance features. You might be worried about DPI support, it supports for high DPI if your system scaling is set to a higher value than 100%. You can adjust strokes and choose clone color method.

Latest version gives you new text palette, text formatting and other enhanced text tools. And suppose if somebody wants to work with you as team , a new standalone server application allows you to work together with your friends.

Download Artweaver.

3. Microsoft Paint 3D

Whether you’re an artist or just want to play with brush, it’s easy to bring ideas to life. Paint 3D, an obsolete painting software which has been reconciled with new powerful and attractive tools. There are plenty of new brushes to create an innovative work in all dimensions.

Making 2D or 3D art is easy, you can instantly make cut-outs from your favourite pictures with magic select. The software has a friendly interface which you can customise according to your need of tools. Paint 3D offers you to record your work to show your friends. You can choose desired finish for your shape including matte, gloss, dull metal and polished metal. To sum it up, you’ll have great fun while using this software.

Download Paint 3D.

4. My Paint

My paint, a Linux software which works a bit differently on most of the windows and takes a while to customise its interface on your system. If you ‘ll use this application on your touchscreen devices, it would work amazingly for your illustrations with great control over brushes and other tools.

Here, you can easily customise your brushes, manage layers and create sketches for your personal and professional use. Though, software requires some update in specific areas but it’s worth to own.

Download My Paint.

5. Sketchbook

Another drawing and painting application which helps digital artists and illustrators to design with professional grade perspective with interactive user interface. Sketchbook welcomes you in the world of art with all handy tools.

It is not intended only for some momentary art need, you can illustrate whatever you want .There are multiple brushes and layers which makes easy to manipulate the canvas. Though, there are too many options for painting programs, Sketchbook is a safe and viable option for you.

Download Skechbook.

6. Artrage

Artrage, a realistic and flawless software for painting and drawing. You would definitely love the layer feature and textures that you’ll get from watercolour, charcaol, oil painting and pencil hardness. Though, it doesn’t works like illustrator, it works on pixel base.

Aside this, you’ll get a clean and minimal interface which helps you to focus on your canvas without looking hard for anything. Panning, scrolling and rotating can be achieved easily with customised shortcuts.

Download Artrage.

7. Paint Tool SAI

Image result for paint tool sai

If you’re looking for high quality painting software then it could be a moderate option for you. Paint Tool gives you full digital support for your creative works. It’s an easy and stable application to make your work more enjoyable and comfortable. And if you’re in learning phase, you can learn rapidly its features and managing featured tools.

Though, this application is widely used by amateur to learn basics due its simple and decent interface but you can use it for professional purpose. So, if you’re willing to learn painting or illustration then go for this software.

Download Paint Tool SAI.

8. Drawplus

Again, if you want to get started right away painting or illustration, Drawplus is ready to help you as start-up assistant with loads of informative tutorials and ability to import your existing designs. Interface of Drawplus is user friendly and it has all tools to make your work noticeable. Though, software requires a lot of work to compete with others.

Download Drawplus.

9. Clip Studio Paint

The software has capability to become your go-to software for painting and illustration. It has combination of useful tools with decent editable brushes. Here, you’ll get great editing and customising tools to make correct use of colour corrections. It also offers you reasonable selection of textures and incorporation of 3D reference models. You can choose this software for all digital illustration work.

Download Clip Studio.

10. Paint.Net

If you have used MS Paint in your school days then it would look very familiar to you. It has all paint brushes you need and after dropping a picture in it, you’ll get a lot of editing options to trim your art. Interface of Paint.Net is incredibly simplified to avoid confusion. You can use this application for fun purpose.

Download Paint.Net.

10 Free Painting Software

Here’s the list of all Free Painting Softwares that you must use in 2018.

  • Krita
  • Artweaver
  • Microsoft Paint 3D
  • My Paint
  • Sketchbook
  • Artrage
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • Drawplus
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Paint.Net

Note: All these applications are available on windows and macs. But check the system requirements before downloading.

So, these are some best painting application available for you. We have described all the necessary features of prescribed applications, so do try these applications. If you have any suggestion just keep telling us in comment box.

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