Top 10 Free Architecture Software 2018

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Planning a construction or renovation can either be exciting or dull, it all depends on how you approach it. Today, we are giving 10 best architecture software, these free architecture software would definitely avert you from a regretful experience of ugly construction as an architecture or layman.

Some people might be so excited to start construction that they skip the drawing and planning process and go straight to the building process because they think drawing as an uphill task. Now, the technology has so much evolved that you don’t need to mess with pencil and paper, you can simply create a breathtaking model by sitting¬† in your drawing room or office. It’s no secret that architecture and technology go hand in hand.

There are well designed software for different needs in architecture. But what you need is to choose wisely which one is best for you, it largely depends upon various factor such as cost, compatibility with other applications and the amount of time you’re going to spend on drawing process. While choosing any architecture software keep your required work flow in your mind. Though, there can be various reasons for a person to look for architecture software.

Meanwhile, you can choose any software randomly on google but if you’re here on Amazingtop10, we would provide you 10 best free architecture software for your personal or professional use.

Top 10 Free Architecture Software

So, here’s the list of 10 best architecture software which you can use to impress your client or to renovate your home.

1. Sketchup

A very powerful application for architects and designers, as the software gives you a realistic insight of on going project. Here, you can draw a flexible 3D model with virtual pencil and you can rotate your model in every angle to get a conception of exterior and interior of construction.

For learners, software has useful websites from from around the internet and Sketchup tutorial for using texture, materials and compatible plug-ins to boost your learning process. Meanwhile, software consists 30,000 pre-made textures and 3D models. And for more, you’ll get various links.

Download Sketchup.

2. Revit

Want to work on both 3D and 2D projects together in single software? If so, then Revit should be your first preference. The software has capability to render some great models, as it’ll give you actual walls, roofs, beams, columns and every other vital part of a construction.

Working on Revit would definitely increase your work pace, you can customise your tools according frequency of use. With all these features, Revit dominates engineering and construction industry on large scale. So, you can opt for this without thinking twice.

Download Revit.

3. Autocad

Being one of the oldest player in the software industry, Autocad has calibre to meet the stiff demand of professional architectures with bulky projects. Autocad stands steady in this arena and has huge

user base among students and professional. Meanwhile, the interface of software is very clean and intuitive which helps to learn very quickly. And to augment your workflow, you can personalise your interface with set of given tools. Although, the software produces purely basic sketch of desired 3D models.

Download AutoCad.

4. V Ray

For your best realistic visualisation, it could be viable option. Just don’t let your clients confused over your designs/models, use this amazing application to convince them with breathtaking realistic models.

Software gives you clean texture with dark and bright representation feature to present your model. Like Aotucad, you can customise your interface to increase workflow. Additionally, V Ray gives you a vast library of extensive material and resources with plenty of light, surface and texture options.

Download V Ray.

5. 3D Studio Max

With 3D Studio Max, if you dream about something then surely you can build that design. The software gives you great flexibility to make any design without bounding your imaginations. Though, the application is being widely used in gaming world due to astonishing graphics but as an architect you can build your design. It has a bit complex interface but you would learn everything after a while and gives you flexible plugins option.

Download 3D Studio Max.

6. Design Workshop Lite

A lite software that can help you to design 3D models in simplest manner. Application has simple interface that offers quick access to the presets object that can be inserted in board. There are important components for your designing like circles, lines, rectangle and geometrical figure.

You can rotate the selected objects, move the working area to different angles for better visualisation. Most importantly, it offers you to change size of the object and add name or caption to your objects. And finally, it allows you to import backdrop images in JPEG, GIF and other commonly used formats.

Download Workshop Lite.

7. My Virtual Home

Image result for my virtual home

If you want to conceptualise or plan how your dream home will look like, then this is right option for your search. In Virtual Home, you can use walls, doors bathroom and many more things to layout the structure of your desired home.

You can deploy standard room blocks and modify them by adding new furnishing colour schemes and more. After completing your design, you can take complete tour of virtual home. Suppose you don’t want to consult an architect and just want to get idea of your future home, then it’s worthy to use this software.

Download My virtual home

8. In Design

In Design, a software which helps you to manage your documents and other paper work involved in construction projects. An intuitive application which helps you to create booklets and large representation sheets. It helps you to manage objects including text, shapes and images to increase your productivity.

Download In Design.

9. NanoCAD Plus

Another software to accomplish your desired architectural model. You can produce professional design and drafts in valid formats. Here, you can create a simple to complex design and draft for modelling, projecting and construction. You can draw 2D/3D models, manage clients/documents and more.

Download NanoCAD.

10. ArchiCAD

One of the quickest cad for architectural design which can satisfy your designing need. Though, the software charges too much for professional package but gives you clean interface through which you can create almost impossible design. Meanwhile, it’s compatible with other critical programs.

Download ArchiCad.

Free 3D Architecture Software

Take a quick look at the best available software for architects.

  1. Sketchup
  2. Revit
  3. AutoCad
  4. V Ray
  5. 3D Studio Max
  6. Design Workshop Lite
  7. My Virtual Home
  8. In Design
  9. NanoCAD Plus
  10. ArchiCAD

This was the complete list of best architecture software that you can use for different needs. Though there are tons of software out there to confuse you we have picked these 3d software according to their review and user base. If you’re using any other software which should be in our list, then leave that name in comment box.

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