10 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets to Store Bitcoins & Altcoins

In this fast living generation, people are now more interested in virtual currency rather than physical one. The endless useful features of bitcoins make it world’s largest online currency. Not even a single third party or an external bank is involved. Bitcoin assures that all of its users are anonymous while transactions are always secure.

With the rapid increase in the rates of BTC, it has attracted a lot of new users. Millions of dollars are invested daily in Cryptocurrency and hackers are continuously trying to hack exchange accounts and wallets to gain access to the public and private keys of currency holders.

Therefore it is always advisable to hold your coins or Bitcoins in a private wallet saved on your computer or on a hardware wallet.

The very next question that comes is, what are the best cryptocurrency wallets? Best Bitcoin Wallets? Best Etherium Wallet? And much more.

To help you with all these questions, we have compiled a list of Safe & Best Cryptocurrency wallets that you must try.



Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallets

The list includes wallets of all forms, some of them are multiple currency wallets where you can store more than 1 type of altcoin.

1. Ledger Nano S – Best Cryptocurrency Wallet

The safest place to store your Bitcoin is on a hardware wallet and Ledger Nano S is the best hardware wallet to store your coins.

Ledger Nano S is rated as the most popular cryptocurrency wallers by more than 20 survey sites. Not only bitcoins, but it can also store Etherum and other Altcoins. It has a very high-end process for the transaction. The truth is that it may be a bit expensive for you but these great features make it the best – malware proof, nearly impossible to hack, safe and secure, etc.

Cost: 58 € or $70 USD.

2. Coinbase

Though it’s not a physical wallet, it’s still the most used exchange site where you can store and trade your BTC or other alt coins.

This is recommended if you are new to the industry and if you plan to play short term.

Coinbase has marked his name in the leading Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallets. Till now, Coinbase has transacted $25 million in cryptocurrency exchanges. It has one of the easiest user interfaces among Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallets in the world.

You have to confirm your identity before proceeding further. It has some great security features like accounts 2-factor authentication for additional protection, protection.

Cost: FREE but they charge a minimal fee according to amount of transaction

3. Ledger BLUE

It is commonly known as the ‘King of the Hardware Wallets’. It is the world’s most advanced hardware security gear on the market. It comes with awesome such as Bluetooth, color large touchscreen, and a rechargeable battery.

So if you planning to invest big, Ledger Blue is something you should consider for storing your keys.

It supports more than 20 currencies with a lot of other useful features. The only issue that some users may face is its high price.

Cost: $270 approximately


TREZOR is mostly being used in business and industry related areas but before all that, let us tell you it’s awesome features – easy to use, quick setup, claims to be most secure Cryptocurrency Wallet, and supports Google Chrome Extension.

Its full setup includes a durable, small token for authenticating and storing crypto currency. If you’ll prefer to buy a multipack that contains three trezors, you can avail a discount of at least 22€ ( 26$ ).

Cost: 320$ or sometimes less

5. StrongCoin

Just like any other wallet, StrongCoin is a hybrid wallet which allows its users to send and receive Bitcoins. You can even download your whole account details in the form of pdf.

Moreover, you can directly purchase bitcoins via StrongCoin. Well, creating an account is absolutely free but they do charge a small amount of fee while transaction.

So once again, its a place where you can also trade your coins.

6. KeepKey

KeepKey is a simple cum effective hardware wallet which not only accepts Bitcoin but also secures Litecoin, Dogecoin Cash, Etherum, and Namecoin. KeepKey claims to be the most secure Bitcoin wallet because it does not use an operating system like our computers and phones.

It supports multiple platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android. It also comes with 1-year warranty card.

7. Exodus

Exodus is the world’s Best Designed Cryptocurrency Wallet. It is the first ever desktop software wallet to have the ShapeShift built into the interface for the ease to convert Altcoins to crypto currencies and vice-versa.

You can even store all your private keys in Exodus without any fear of being stolen. On the other hand, you can even customise the look and feel of your dashboard. One of their most amazing features, 24×7 customer support surprisingly works 24 hours a day in real.

8. Jaxx – Ice Cube

It is quite awkward to find this name in the list Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallets in the world. Jaxx recently announced the ‘Ice Cube’ device which is basically a hardware wallet with a cellular and camera chip in order for broadcasting transactions.

The best part – Ice Cube is fire and water resistant. It is on the wishlist of both amateurs and experts of crypto currencies field.

9. Mycelium

In 2014, the blockchain.info awarded Mycelium with the ‘Best Mobile App’ tag. It is a simple app which provides the facility to send and receive bitcoins along with the bank-grade security.

Actually, it is Android-based multi-asset Cryptocurrency wallet. It has more than 100 thousand downloads which mean there are many users who trusted Mycelium a lot. They also provide support for BIP38 Keys and a new feature known as ‘Local Trader’ which helps the user to find other people to trade Bitcoins.

10. Electrum

In 2011, Thomas Voegtlin created Electrum and later on, many developers have contributed to its source code. The idea of Electrum is totally based on the idea to give its users the freedom to manage their private keys and funds in a secure manner. One of the best parts of Electrum is that they collaborate with TREZOR or LEDGER products in order to store and use our private keys.

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So these were some of the top and Best Cryptocurrency Wallets that you can use to store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash or any other altcoin. Anyways, we always recommend you to go through the official website before purchasing or downloading any wallet.

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