10 Best Calendar Apps For Android

Looking for some of the best calendar apps for your Android device?? Well, this article will help you as we list the top 10 free calendar apps for Android.

Managing your calendar is an art, necessary for survival, you can’t even imagine your life without knowing the date, day and month. Yes, here we are talking one of the vital inventions of human history “Calendar”. With the rapid development in technology around the globe, the calendar has also evolved itself and shifted itself from wall to your android phone. Development of smartphones has changed the concept of a calendar. These days, there are myriad of finely tuned calendar apps that can be accessed with ease. It helps you to be organized and notify important evens of your day to day life.

Best Calendar Apps For Android

We’re giving you the list of calendar apps which we have selected according to ratings and users feedback. Downloading and using these apps are very simple, this list includes best calendar apps which is available for Free on Android phones.



If you’re bored with google calendar and want some change without getting too many complicated features, Digical is the best answer for you. It’s moreover a google calendar with some extra features such as scheduling for T.v programs, moon phases, weather information of upcoming two weeks.One thing which you would love in week view you can tap on an event to get info without diving into a new page.

Though there is downside of this software, as it doesn’t allow natural language entry system and to use features you’ll have to spend some bucks.

Get DigiCal now.

2.Google Calendar

One of the best calendar apps for Android, what makes Google Calendar so successful is that it asserts on what matters- from your scheduling, navigation to event management. You’ll be pleased after getting details of your schedule on a click. If you’re in hurry and want a quick look into your fixture, then you can use language command.

The interface of the app is very easy and friendly for any person(age).However, Google Calendar needs to work on some areas such as sports schedule, widgets and few other things.

Get Google Calendar now.

3. aCalendar

Without ads, aCalendar is providing some great features including pre-event color scheme, types of views, moon phase and a lot more.You’ll get intuitive navigation with very smooth transition effect of day view and month view.

For your loved one’s birthdays, this app is giving you a separate birthday calendar. You can also configure public holidays of some countries. The company is working 24*7 to make it more suitable calendar application.

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4. Business Calendar

Business Calendar, as it’s clear from the name that this calendar is more useful for business purposes. For your clearer views on events and appointments, this app is wonderful and reminds you every important event in your hectic schedule. In fact you can rank your events in order of importance and your concern.In quick day overview, you’ll get fast overview of your schedule.

Accessing calendar is easier than any other apps on this list. Eventually, it’s easy to switch between timeline bars and events titles. Business calendar has both option – free version with ads and pro version without ads and some special features. You could start your day with Business Calendar as it has other features for layman.

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5. Cal Calendar – Top Calendar app for Android

For its unique and easy to use design, Cal Calendar has proved its presence among other top-rated calendar app for android. It offers you variety of features such as voice entry, google calendar, widgets and a lot more. One thing which desecrate Cal Calendar from other applications is direct linking capability with to-do-list.

Despite having long list of events, there’s no clutter or complexity you’ll face while using this application. A smooth and intuitive interface allow you to discover powerful functions the  moment you need. Using this application is worth.

Get Cal Calendar now.

6. Calendar Widgets : Month

If you’re looking for only widgets in application then you’re on the right page with Calendar widgets. Due to its widgets, we have ranked this application in top ten list.With 80 available themes this app is worth to download. You won’t need to worry for intergration,it integrate seemlessly into any home screen layout.

Get Calendar Widgets now.

7. CalenGoo

With the archaic but effective interface, CalenGoo has managed to enter in the list of top ten calendar apps. It’s supported by evernote and google calendar, you can use five calendar views including day, week, month, agenda and year to ensure your appointments and tasks in different ways.

To add or delete events, you’ll have to drag and drop event detail. You can also share your calendar with your family members.

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8. Jorte Calendar and Organiser

Jorte is one of the fancy apps in this list and it’s  good because sometimes you need to enjoy colours in life. Seriously, if you’re looking to customize the look of your calendar, colours background themes or size of your widgets then take a look at Jorte. It can go beyond the other calendar apps.

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9. Today Calendar 

If you’re good with google calendar but want a modicum of change, then Today calendar is the best alternative for you. It has successfully made its name in the list of applications due to its aesthetics. App has been recognized as all in one view, it combines both the month and agenda views of a stock calendar.

Get Today Calendar now.

10. Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar, a simple alternative for your pre-installed calendar application. This calendar application has everything to cater your basic need such as offline work, sync edits, multiple layouts, and creates reminders that will notify you either through notification or emails. You can also add up location of your events through GPS.

The over presence of advertisements is kind of the downside of this application, which can be removed after an update to Pro version. Pro version allows you to send an invitation to your clients and family members of your events.

Get Tiny Calendar now.

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10 Calendar Apps For Android

So here’s the list of all the calendar apps for Android that we mentioned in the article.

  1. Digical
  2. Google Calendar
  3. aCalendar
  4. Business Calendar
  5.  Cal Calendar x
  6. Calendar Widgets : Month
  7. Calen Goo
  8. Jorte Calendar and Organiser
  9. Today Calendar
  10. Tiny Calendar

So these are the 10 free & best calendar apps for android phones, you can use these applications to manage office and personal events.You can find all of the above android application in your playstore. We hope this writing would help you and if you have any query or suggestion then leave a comment below.

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