10 Best Beat Making Software for DJs in 2018

If you’re thinking that you’ll have to spend a lion’s share in a recording studio in order to produce instrumental beats, I must say you’re wrong. In fact, you can conveniently create a rap, dubstep & other kinds of music beats on your fingertip. All you need is to spend a little amount to purchase an online software available for every platform( Windows & Mac). With these best 10 beat making software, you can easily create your own music while sitting in your room, it doesn’t matter you’re a beginner or master.

For an amateur, inclined to produce some authentic instrumental beats, most importantly not any transcribed work beat making software is a blessing. There are myriad of softwares available in the market for beat making but very few of them are easier to start and this might be a tough decision for you to select one from them, eventually its insane to start with an advanced software. You’ll be well-informed about best softwares you can use for Beat Making at the end of this article as beginner or professional music maker.

For Beginners


When you’re searching for faithful beat making software for your curiosity or professional use, you must look for some basic features which could make your work exempler like virtual instruments in a software, as it’ll help you to polish your work with different sound tracks. Plugins are also cardinal for changing tone and texture of your sound tracks. On the other hand, recording and mixing are crucial aspects which would enhance the clarity of your produced sound tracks.

Best Beat Making Software

We have selected some of the best beat maker software recommended by passionate users. By using these softwares you can really produce breathtaking music. These softwares are available for both Mac and windows and ranked according to their popularity.

Here’s the list of best music making softwares that we have picked very fervently for you. You can use any given softwares straight away and enjoy the beauty of music.


Cubase is an affordable and highly recommended software in our list, as it has everything required to produce an inimitable sound track. It has a colossal loop library & VST Amp which provides you an opportunity to create flawless music.

The latest Cubase 7 is an admirable Digital Work Station powered with virtual instruments, recording capabilities and a great convenient interface. It allows you to choose between different templates for recording, scoring, mastering and production.

User can easily add audio to the arrangement window by recording external instruments or through loop library. It consists over 6115 audio extensions.You can change audio velocity and MIDI data through MIDI editor. Most importantly, it uses Halion Sonic synthesizer  that is capable of emulating different instruments.

You can download Cubase.


Magix, has a different or unique virtual instruments and a great loop library.This application is friendly and easily accessible which doesn’t bother user while working tirelessly. Magix is one of the finest software in beat making and has largest loop gallery with 6000 loops compared to other software in the list. It provides all required tools to successfully create an unique music.

Magix has an arrangement window where you can easily drag and drop quality premade loops. You can make your own music with 15 virtual instruments and you can easily filter the right loop for your music. It gives you experience of Urban drum and Robota drum sequencer, which would improvise your drum effects.

Magix allows you to connect live instruments to your compositions and label them for your identification.To open equalization bar, you need to plug equalizer into one of the two inserts.

You can download Magix.


Logic Pro X, an Apple made software has some amazing features which enables its powerful production capabilities compared to other software of beat making. The virtual instruments seems like real world counterparts. Besides these features, it has a good loop library at your disposal.

Previous version of this software had some flaws, but now it has been updated to all-round capabilities like artificial intelligence, improved drummer tracks which gives you realistic feelings. Also it gives B3 organ and guitar Amp simulators.In terms of recording, arrangement window can hold 255 audio tracks and gives best best MIDI tracks. You can add around 15 effects and eight send effects.Though, it has a drawback like it only operates on Mac.

You can download Logic Pro X.


A software which renders ability to create versatile beat and offers more loops than any other beat making software. The extraordinary loop library cheer novice user to create full length song with a modicum experience in beat making software.

It has made some great changes to its prior software version, now it allows you to operate on 32- and 64 bit versions, on 64 bit version you can easily work for lengthy audio projects and could easily supported by you system. Outdoor elements can also fulfilled by Mixcraft 7 as it can add a performance track into workstation. It can hold 15 virtual instruments and 25 different plugins including drums, pianos etc. Though, it has a drawback as it works only on windows.

You can download Mixcraft 7.



Reason Essential 8 is easily  affordable and good for your pocket. Reason 8 offers you only two equalisers but a master bus compressor on mixer which makes ready to deliver. Browser window, a new feature is added to this updated version, which makes work station more friendly, it stores sound, loops and audios which ease your work in decent manner.

However, latest version of software is fully dedicate for increasing work flow. Software has a total seven plugins and large loop options. Mixer of Reason 8 contrast it from other softwares which is originated from classic and reversed SSL 900k mixer.

You can download Reason Essential 8


One of the most famous Beat Making Software is FL Studio. In fact, its the number 1 choice for many DJs and music creators.

Like others, it also offers variety of virtual instruments and an appreciable loop library to create music, but it lags behind in recording external instruments. Amply easy tools for production makes it worth. It has some different genres of music. On the left side of window, you can easily extract sounds from search options.

Features like step sequencer helps to arm and disarm the sound  within the sequence. Looking downside software has issues step sequencer and arrangement window. Recording two audios or soundtracks from different instruments is a bit difficult from other softwares.

You can Download FL Studio:


Once you get used to Studio one, software gives you opportunity to use powerful tools and great MIDI editor. Studio One gives has a problem of constraint plugins but after an update, you can use without any trouble. Its an initial or introductory version of Digital Audio Workstation. The archaic interface of this software is a pain, it doesn’t looks attractive to users.

However, you can add a number of audio and MIDI tracks, according to your session of work. You can record a particular part while loop recording. It enhances the quality of your recording . MIDI editor of this software improve work flow, as it open up in toolbar and caters editing requirements.It can work on windows as well as Mac.

You can download Studio One.

8. Ableton Live 9

However, it is missing many sounds, still it has several other important tools which facilitate user to create custom beats. The intro version of Ableton Live occupies 6GB but suite edition takes 55GB of your system space and intro version far better than suite version. It has 700 pre-loaded sounds ready to cater your need.

Apparently, this software is for beginners, it gives a savvy tutorial window on the left of work space for smoother work. To create an entire song, you’ll have recorded audio and loops in arrangement window. Meanwhile, in session window you can add multiple clips of music and play clips at same time to see how it would appear. Constraint work space and equalisation is downside of this software.

You can download Ableton Live 9.



Without having input busses, Sony’s Acid Music Studio 10 gives you best insight of beat making world . Although,  it has very astonishing outer shell among other Digital Work Station. Due to unlimited loop library and decent plugins, this software is listed.Acid Music Studio is inexpensive which leads some drawbacks in it.

Like white interface with white tracing is pretty much pain while using this software. 32- and 64-bit audio engine of Acid Music Studio 10 is applaudable as its successor doesn’t gives headroom with audio signal because of 24 bit. To use external chords, you’ll  have to upgrade Acid Music Studio 10 to Acid pro.

You can download Acid Music 10.


Basically, Sequel 3 are used for live performance but once you’ll learn how to navigate the program, you can discover various things hidden in this software. If you want all your tools on single screen then this could be a vital for you, as it provide single screen layout where all your essential recording tools are within same area.

Over 5000 loops are available within the interface through which you can create you can create your own composition. Sequel 3 has simple 3 band equalizer which is meant to adjust the low, middle and high frequencies.

You can download Sequel 3.

10 Free & Paid Beat Making Softwares for DJs

So these are the 10 Best Free & Paid beat Making Software that you can use. A lot of them are Beat making software for beginners so that you can have a good and easy experience using them.

  1. Cubase
  2. MAGIX
  3. Logic Pro X
  4. Mixcraft 7
  8. Ableton Live
  10. SEQUEL 3

We will be listing Beat making apps later on some other article.

You can download or rent these above beat making softwares from given links. We hope this article will help you to take decision before purchasing a beat making softwares. If you have any query or suggestion then leave a comment in comment box.

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