Top 10 Best Prank Ideas for YouTube Channel

Prank Videos are one of the most watched videos on YouTube ever. The excitement and fun of these kinds of videos are above the word ‘awesome’. Either your target is someone close like cousin/sibling or may be a random guy on street, the prank will be the most memorable moment for both of you. Anyways, if you are looking forward to doing a prank, these Top 10 video Prank Ideas will help you a lot.

But make sure that it is done in a proper manner and opposite one should not be that angry kind of person too, otherwise, your video will automatically become – Prank Gone Wrong. 😛

10 Best Prank Ideas

Now let’s check out Top 10 Best Prank Ideas that you can play on your friends, family or in public.

So, get ideas and start shooting some pranks to upload on your YouTube channel.

1. Bucket above a Door Prank

Well, this prank is very common one but at the same time, the most successful also.

You have to place a bucket of water or anything else on the top edge of the door so that it should stick to its position because of the wall. When the other guy will open the door  – KABOOOM !!!….. Keep the bucket in such a way that it should not hit his/her head.

2. Anti Bubble Soap Prank Idea

When we step in the shower, the only thing we expect from our soap is to create a good lather. But if it doesn’t happen, we can get an awesome prank material. Just covering the bar of soap with a clear nail polish will make your target a total frustrating as there will be no signs of bubbles for a couple of hours. This is one of the Top Prank Video Idea but doesn’t apply it to a person who is already late for college or office.

3. Hot Toothpaste

Other than shower prank, Hot Toothpaste prank is also related to bathroom sector but it’s a bit different. The only thing you have to do is take a fresh toothpaste tube and fill it fully with horseradish or a red sauce. When the victim will open the tube, it will look like as same as untouched toothpaste. When they come to clean their teeth, a kind of volcano will blow up in their mouth.

Be Nice, give him/her a cold coffee after this. Hope you take this prank idea seriously and prank some of your friends or cousins 😛

4. Panda Eyes – Funny Prank idea

This prank doesn’t require any kind of high cost and long preparation time. You just need to put black shoe polish on your target’s sunglasses. After wearing it for a couple of hours, when they remove it, they’ll have Panda Eyes. This is a bit different prank but it is perfect for little fun. That’s why it stands out as fourth in the list of YouTube Prank Video Ideas.

5. You Got Tanned Prank

One of the best prank idea that you should try in 2018.

If you want to prank your sister, then this one is for you. Just grab your sister’s body lotion cream and mix it with self-tan lotion. Don’t mix a lot otherwise it will be noticeable. While using the lotion, she will not find anything suspicious but when the tanning lotion starts doing its work, she will either realize herself because of a mirror or someone else may tell her.

You should do this at the time of vacation as it can take up to 2 – 3 days to become normal.

6. What the Fart? – Youtube Prank Idea

Hahaha, this prank is really funny and can be played on anyone in your family.

This prank is the unique one and also easy to do. You just have to place the pliable transparent plastic material known as bubble wrap under the toilet seat. Do it right before your target goes to the washroom. When the victim sits on it, it will pop and scare them. The one more scary thought that may come in their mind – Who’s Fart is this?

7. Crazy Television Switch Prank

Either you are using an iPhone or Android Device, the universal remote app might be familiar to you. You just have to test it before the prank. Then, when someone else is watching television, you can start changing channels, turn the volume up to nuclear level, etc.

The best part is to watch the confusion on victim’s face. The Crazy Television Prank easily makes its seventh position in the list of Best and most popular Prank Ideas for YouTube channel in 2018.

8. The Republic of Ants – Easy Prank Idea

This one is usually being applied on mothers but not necessary. Just purchase the pack of plastic ants and scatter in such a way that they are approaching sugar bowl or anything sweet. Then leave a trail of ants leading from kitchen to another room where you’ve placed a huge plastic ant. He or she will be horrified to see a massive Ant in front of them.

9. I’m the Hacker Noob Prank

When your friend is around, right click on his/her desktop and then select screen resolution. This will open up a window of settings. Now change the orientation option to opposite one, like the portrait to landscape or vice versa. Maximum people don’t know how to change this and they’ll be like- Oh Gosh! my computer is gone crazy.

10. Light Crawler – Prank idea for kids & girls

If someone in your house has a room with a bedside lamp, then he/she can be your next target. Order fake spider or bugs online, but make sure that you can easily stick it from inside the lamp. As this trick works only when the lamp is on, keep in mind that it should be non-flammable. If your target is a female, she’ll probably not stop screaming.

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So, these were the Best Prank Ideas that you must try and upload on Youtube in 2018. We all request to readers that if they wanna perform these pranks, do it carefully without hurting anyone.

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