Top 10 Android Apps For Mothers

Before reading about the Top 10 Android Apps for Mothers, let’s talk about issues related with this. We all know that without mothers, our life is useless. From any household work to caring of kids, they play a vital role. It’s good if other family members will help and support her. But as we know, even technology is like a family member nowadays.

Best Android app for Mothers

Isn’t it a great thing if technology will help every mother in the world and hence makes her work easy? Let’s check out the Top 10 Android Apps for Moms and find which is best for you.

1. Pregnancy+ – Top 10 Android apps for Mothers

The most important time in a woman’s life is her pregnancy period so try this one of the Top 10 Android apps for Mothers named as Pregnancy +. This app will act like a God’s Angel during this time. It includes all essential features that a pregnant woman need like daily pregnancy report, kick counter, 1000+ baby names, pregnancy weight log, baby shopping list and much more.

Because of its great features, Pregnancy+ deserves to be on the top of the list of Top 10 Android Apps for mothers.

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2. Sworkit

Another one of the Best Top 10 Android apps for Mothers is Sworkit. Usually, moms love yoga as well as fitness exercises and Sworkit can play the role of perfect gym instructor for them. No need to join any yoga classes or a royal gym. Sworkit app will help you more than a real instructor.

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3. Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance – Top Android apps for Mothers


Moms are always keen to maintain the monthly budget for her family. Mint app manages all your account including investments, checking savings, etc and also categorizes all your transactions. Hence it proves to be yet another best top 10 Android apps for Mothers.

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4. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is a barcode and QR scanner app which will show you the best deal for product and hence proving best Android apps for Mothers. The user just has to simply scan a product’s barcode and it will make sure that where you will find the cheapest deal. The ‘Watching’ feature automatically collect all the sales out there in which you may be interested.

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5. Instacart: Grocery Delivery

Because of Instacart, grocery shopping is one of the easiest things to do. It allows you to order groceries in bulk to save your time and fuel.

One of the best features of Instacart is their time of delivery, they usually deliver within 1 hour. It has a wide variety of food like fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat and other essential items.

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6. Yummly

We all love to eat delicious food but you know what, moms love to make it too. Yummly is a very smart recipe app which uses information from our social media or email accounts to create a list recipes that the app thinks you may like. It also includes videos so that moms can use it to make delicious food even 10 minutes before a meal.

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7. Keepy

Keepy app is like a social media and cloud storage of family because it allows you to save and categorize your kid’s artwork as well as school work.

Moreover, you can share it with other family members and in return, they can record a message to congratulate them. In short, Keepy app preserves your kid’s precious work with social media features as well.

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8. Instapaper

If I’ll ask you to imagine a morning scene of a normal family, you will probably think of Father reading Newspaper and the mom preparing breakfast. But Instapaper app has changed this theory. Now, busy moms can save any news and read it later in offline mode. Moreover, you can adjust text sizes, fonts, margins, etc.

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9. UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter is one of the best app to find babysitters. You can choose the best babysitter by checking their profile and reviews from local groups. This app will solve your daily problem and will make your busy life a bit relaxing. Its great features make it one of the Top 10 Android Apps for Mothers.

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10. Kids Learn Shapes-2

Isn’t it great, if Mom is doing office or household work and at the same time, the child is learning something useful?

Kids Learn Shapes 2 helps your child to learn many types of shapes in a cool fun way. It has five interactive activities such as Learn, Identify, Find, Match and Sort.

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So, these Android apps are simply best for mothers. You must install any of the mentioned apps in your mom’s phone to help them with their daily tasks.

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